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  4. Training Course: 「Generating 3D Model for Museums Collections Using Photo-Scanning Technique」が非公開で開催されました


Training Course: 「Generating 3D Model for Museums Collections Using Photo-Scanning Technique」が非公開で開催されました

2023年3月7日-9日の3日間、エジプトのアトゥン博物館にてトレーニングコース「Generating 3D Model for Museums Collections Using Photo-Scanning Technique」が非公開で開催されました。



Sharing knowledge and capacity building of curators working in the Egyptian museums at the Ministry of Antiquities is one of the important ways that achieve the required development of the policies and means of preserving the Egyptian cultural heritage in a sustainable framework. In this regard, sharing advanced practical know-how and experiences that have been developed with the Art Research Center (ARC) at Ritsumeikan University in Japan achieves this goal with the support of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).


The photo-scanning technology contributes to preserving the objects of Egyptian museums, especially at the time of crises and disasters, such as the looting and destroying the Mallawi Museum in Egypt in August 2013, in addition to the massive destruction of the Islamic Art Museum after the Cairo Security Directorate bombing on January 24, 2014, the restoration and preservation of museum groups, add to contributing to the combating and recovery of smuggling of cultural heritage assets crimes.

The photo-scanning technique generates 3D modeling for artifacts in Egyptian museums. A digital database can be created and referred to, allowing the artifacts to be identified easily through fabric, components, and elements.
The dependence on the photo-scanning application on cultural heritage assets in Egyptian museums comes as a reflection of its practical and successful implementation on the objects of the Kyoto City Archaeological Museum in Japan under the supervision and support of the ARC. It aims to create 3D modeling of collected objects in a modernist geometric form (X, Y, Z) through precise photography with a special technique, processed with the Agisoft Metashape software v2021.

日時:2023年3月7日(火)-9日(木) 9:00-14:00 (EET)
会場:The Atun Museum, Minya Governorate, Egypt
主催:The Museums Sector at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt
後援:立命館大学アート・リサーチセンター 国際共同利用・共同研究拠点「日本文化資源デジタル・アーカイブ国際共同研究拠点」(ARC-iJAC)