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第90回 国際ARCセミナー (Web配信)



「Interpreting the Spatial-temporal Patterns in Geographical Data: From Crimes to COVID」

講師:Dr Narushige Shiode (King's College London) and Dr Shino Shiode (Birkbeck College, University of London)

概要:We live in an era with abundance of data about most socio-economic activities and phenomena that happen around us. Yet extracting accurate and meaningful information out of the big data often presents a challenge. One of the key factor is that everything that happens around us is intrinsically affected by their location and timing, thus creating their own spatial-temporal distribution that need care in the interpretation of their patterns. In this talk, we will give a brief overview of the digital and spatial data in UK including attempts at digitalising analogue data into digital archive. We will then discuss the application of spatial-temporal methods to draw insights from these data. The talk will draw upon examples such as patterns of property crimes to epidemiological events including cholera and COVID, and discuss how they are helping the respective experts to make an informed decision.



※ARCメンバー以外の方で参加希望の方は、r-darc (at) (at を @に変えてください) までご連絡ください。