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ARC クラウドファンディング・プロジェクト 酒呑童子絵巻が修復が完了しました(※本文は英語です)

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The Art Research Center (ARC) is delighted to announce that the restoration of a set of Shuten-doji picture scrolls is complete.


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Previously in private possession in the US and Europe, where it escaped the fires of World War II, a set of damaged picture scrolls depicting the folk tale of Shuten-doji returned to Kyoto for the first time in 130 years.

The tale of Shuten-doji, a mythical demon leader, thought to be residing in Mt. Oe northwest of Kyoto, has often been featured in noh and kabuki plays.

The picture scrolls are estimated to date back to around 1650--a time when the production technology of picture scrolls was at its most advanced level.

ARC's Crowdfunding Project

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Entrusted with its restoration, the ARC started a crowdfunding project two years ago to preserve the picture scrolls for future generations. We have since been able to beautifully revive these precious cultural assets thanks to a great number of supporters.

In charge of the restoration was Oka Bokkodo Co., Ltd., a Kyoto-based company that draws from over a century of experience in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.

Iwataro Oka--company director of Oka Bokkodo Co., Ltd.--handed over the third and last restored picture scroll, whose restoration was considered particularly difficult, to Professor Ryo Akama (College of Letters)--Deputy Director of the ARC--to mark the project's completion.

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In the next step, the ARC is going to digitize and make these picture scrolls publicly available in our center's web database.

We express our deepest gratitude to Oka Bokkodo Co., Ltd. and all our supporters of the Shuten-doji crowdfunding project.

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