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【Youtube公開終了しました】(1月末日までの限定公開)第78回 国際ARCセミナーの映像をYouTubeにて配信
2020年12月 8日(火)

今回参加できなかった方々も 1月末日までの限定公開 で国際ARCセミナーが視聴できます。



「Tsuda Seifu's beginnings as a Kyoto design artist」

講師:関西大学名誉教授 Scott Johnson 先生(ARCからWeb配信)

[On copyright of Tsuda Seifu's artworks]

In his Kyoto years, Tsuda Seifu's woodblock printed art was the product of publishers who owned the blocks, and therefore controlled publication rights. The artist was paid at the time of original publication, and his rights were then taken over by the publishers. This was the "hanmoto" tradition, carrying on from the Edo period. I would like to thank the Unkindo/Unsodo publisher descendants, who graciously allowed me to use images of Tsuda's artworks for this YouTube video. (Scott Johnson)