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2021年4月 1日(木)

Ernst Grosse (1862-1927) was one of the earliest Westerners to take up the study of East Asian art as a research topic. He was judged by his contemporaries as being challenged only by Fenollosa as the first westerner to penetrate deeply into the art of East Asia. His traces can be seen in various collections across Europe, including Berlin, Freiburg, and Ascona. In addition, other Freiburg travelers, such as Hugo Ficke (1840-1912), gathered major collections of East Asian art, that became some of the earliest holdings of the Ethnographic Museum of Freiburg.
This ARC research project will digitalize these objects and construct a data base. The many Japanese woodblock prints Grosse left behind, will, for example, make connections to the ARC family of data bases. In addition, the objects will shed light on the reception of Japanese art at this pioneering stage of Japanese art research in western academia.