Matsuo Academy of Kabuki ~ Kabuki for Kids Performance


Aug 11 (Thu)


Kyoto Art Center, Shunju-za


All Reserved Seats
General 6.000 yen
Seniors (over 60 years old) 5.500 yen
Student & Youth (under 25 years old) 1.500 yen (There are tickets for younger kids)
The student & youth seats are restricted to the 4th and 5th seat rows in the 2nd floor, L to R seat rows.
ID will be requested when applying for discount tickets.

Kids tickets: For each general・senior ticket there is the possibility of getting an extra general seat, up to 2 kids in Middle School or lower, for 2.000 yen.
(Example: One general ticket + 2 Middle School students = 10.000 yen
General ticket 6.000 yen + Middle School students 2.000 yen x 2)