Kabuki Ceremonial Performance at Yakushi-ji Temple


Aug 3 (Tue)


Yakushi-ji Temple (Nara) Great Lecture Hall


S Seats 15.000 yen
A Seats 12.000 yen
B Seats 8.000 yen

Todaiji Offertory Galla Kabuki

Time: Oct 15 (Wed) 7 pm (Cancelled in case of rain)
Place:Todaiji  In front of the Great Buddha Hall
Performance contents:

Kabuki Performance for the Grand Opening of the Eirakukan Theatre

Period: Aug 1 (Fri)-5(Tue)
Day performance:11:30 am
Evening performance: 4 pm
Place: Eirakukan Theatre (Izushi)
Performance content:
1) Pupeteered Sambaso
2) Official Kojo Announcement of the opening of the Eirakukan Theatre
3) Yakko Dojoji
Performing actors: Kataoka Ainosuke, Nakamura Kazutaro, Kataoka Hidetaro

Ceremonial Kabuki Actor`s Boat Parade

Time of departure: jul 1 (Tue)
(The event will proceed in case of rain, but will be canceeled and resumed the following day in case of alarm)
Place (route) and time of departure/arrival:
From Osaka Tenmabashi: 3 pm to Ebisubashi: 5:10 pm (appr.)
3 pm: North side of Tenmabashi station at the Hachiken Family`s pier
Beginning of ceremony, Greetings
Departure at 3:30 pm
Route: Tenjmabashi-Koreibashi (Higashi Yokoborikawa)- Nojinbashi-Dasaemonbashi-Ebisubashi
Landing: 4:20 pm 
Greetings from the boat on the east side of the Ebisubashi bridge Dotonbori
4:40: Beginning of ceremony
Greetings and presentation of flowers, closing words at the Osaka Shochiku Theatre
5:10: End