Sankyokai Performance, Kabuki and Noh-Kyogen

Performance content:
13th commemorative event in the honour of Tanaka Denzaemon 11th.
This particular performance features both noh and kyogen actors appearing alongside with kabuki actors. Scenes from the noh play Eguchi: Shigure Saigyo and the half-noh version of Eguchi.
Scenes from the noh play Ataku: Kanjincho and the dance piece Ataku
The Two Sambaso Dancers (kyogen): Performed by Nomura Manzai, Ichikawa Somegoro and Shigeyama Ippei


Aug 3 (Mon) and Aug 4 (Tue)
Afternoon performance: 1 pm
Evening performance: 5 am


Kyoto Minami-za


Entrance fee:
1st Class: 12.000 yen
2nd Class: 6.500 yen
3rd Class: 4.500 yen
Special seats: 14.000 yen