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  4. 国際会議「Dressing Global Bodies」で発表しました


国際会議「Dressing Global Bodies」で発表しました

7月7日~9日にカナダのアルバータ大学で開催された国際会議「Dressing Global Bodies」に、鈴木と上田が参加、研究発表をしました。

国際会議Dressing Global Bodies

Session 4.5. The Iconic "Global Body": Connecting Place and Placeless Through Dress
Keiko Suzuki, Ritsumeikan University, Japan "A Uniform to Embody a Tropical Paradise: Domestication of the Aloha Shirt in Asia"

Session 5.2. Design, Production, and Marketing of African Printed Cloth in the Twentieth Century: Shifting Dominance from Europe to Japan
Chair: Ann McDougall, University of Alberta, Canada
Co-organizers: Miki Sugiura, and Keiko Suzuki
Aya Ueda, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan "From Kyoto to Africa: Creating 'African Wax' and 'Javafrican Prints' from Daido-Maruta in Japan, 1950s-1980s"

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