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[Qait’bay Citadel (1477-1479): Visualizing the Main Coastal Fortification of Medieval Alexandria, Egypt]
2021年4月 1日(木)

Qait'bay Citadel in Alexandria is considered one of the most important fortifications, not only in Egypt, but also along the Mediterranean Sea, which was built by the Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Qait'bay in 1479 CE to protect the city against the Ottoman. The Citadel is situated at the entrance of the eastern harbor on the Pharos Island on the exact site of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria. The Citadel consists of main rectangular fort with four circular corner towers, while double wall surrounds the court, the internal one includes weapons depots and barracks.
In the age of digital humanities, available 3D imaging technology will be used to create Qait'bay Citadel VR and provide it to the public as a requirement in the time of social distancing for COVID-19. In addition, documenting this splendid medieval fortification given the fire disaster of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in April 2019.