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[Expanding the Study of Japanese Photography and Gender: Modules for Teaching and Public Access]
2021年4月 1日(木)

This digital humanities project will create a website and a series of short video lectures spotlighting a diverse range of international experts on the history of Japanese photography from the perspective of gender and power. Historians, curators, and photographers, will pursue major research questions to significantly improve pedagogy and public awareness of the history and visual culture of modern and contemporary Japan. Each lecture will be accompanied by related primary source materials, in Japanese and English translation, and an annotated bibliography, making it a prime digital resource for teaching, institutional outreach, and further research. The goal of this project is to inspire interest in Japanese mass visual culture in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries and to radically redefine how we write the history of photography by including the perspectives of women photographers as artists, business owners, and stakeholders in the production and politics of visual culture. What is more, this project will produce much-needed audio-visual pedagogical materials that currently do not exist in either Japanese or English for classroom use and public engagement.