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2021年4月 1日(木)

This proposed project is part of a broader and long-term initiative of the ARC-LIPI collaboration to create digital archives and visualization of the ancient Japan-Indonesia transoceanic relation. We will use digital recording technology to create chronological databases and layered visualizations of sites, artefacts, and documents to trace the history of maritime connections between sites in Indonesia and Japan in the 9th-17th century AD. In this FY 2021 we will make high-quality and transparent 3D digital reconstructions of ancient maritime transportation artifacts found in Central Java and Sumatra. We will also begin to collect information, digitize, and create archival database of Japan-Indonesia maritime expeditions in the 9th-17th AD. This project extends the ARC-LIPI project collaboration on digitizing Borobudur, and in the FY 2021 we will focus in more detail at visualizing relief elements related to maritime transportations and ecologies. We expect the visualization and the archival database provides scientific information to understand the historical maritime connection between Japan and Indonesia as part of the UNESCO's Cultural Routes.