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2020年5月 1日(金)

The previous ARC application was for a grant to digitize the unrecorded Scott Johnson collection of about 2000 kamigata surimono because they contain records of poetry salon gatherings. This application is for funds to insert basic metadata into the ARC database from these surimono: to record the names of all participants and thereby begin the creation of database of individuals not only in relation to haikai but also the literary, visual and performing arts more broadly. The second major collection that will be essential to this project is that of Paul Berry, who has a about 2000 mostly unrecorded kamigata paintings. Combining art and literature research methodologies with digital humanities technologies, the key aims of the project are to analyse the role of art in a wider society, to create a sustainable open database of artworks and artist/producer names available for research, to host exhibitions in London and Kyoto, and to produce significant publications.