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FY 2020 Adopted Joint Research Projects

A. International Fixed Theme
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Digital Archive Project of Japanese Arts in the Collection of Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad, India
Associate Professor, Dept. of Apparel and Space Design, Kyoto Women's University Shinya MAEZAKI
2 A Comprehensive Online Catalog of the Japanese Artworks in Europe and North America: Its Construction and Applications
欧米の日本美術品のデジタル・アーカイブによる WEB 版総合目録構築とその活用
Assistant Curator, Department of Asian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art Monika BINCSIK
3 Digital Archiving of Indonesian Cultural Heritage and Development of 4D High-Definition Visualization Contents
Researcher, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)  Fadjar I. THUFAIL
B. International Open Theme
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Using Digital Archives to Create a Research Network of Japanese Cultural Resources in the UK and Utilizing Digital Resources for Japanese Studies
Senior Digital Humanities Officer, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures (SISJAC)
2 Edo Period Map goes Digital
The O Edo ezu as an Interactive Resource
Professor, Japanese Studies, Frankfurt University  Michael KINSKI
3 Cultural salons and the visual arts in Kyoto and Osaka, 1750-1900: Digitizing Kamigata surimono and paintings
上方文化サロンと美術 1750-1900 ― 上方摺物のデジタル化
Emeritus Professor, SOAS University of London  Andrew GERSTLE
C. Open Theme
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 A Study of a System to Support Community Study on Kyoto's Townscape and its Changes
Visiting Researcher, Osaka University  Akira TAKAHASHI
2 Infrastructure Development of Digital Research Environment for Modern Woodblock-printed Kuchi-e (Frontispieces)
Independent Researcher  Tomoo ASAHI
3 Research of Kyoto-based Global Development of Printing Techniques and Designs
Part-time Lecturer, Kwansei Gakuin University/ Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts  Aya UEDA
4 A Study on the Construction of "The Kamo River Old Photograph GIS Database" and Analysis of River Environment Transitions
Associate Professor, Faculty of Regional Policy, Aichi University  Takafusa IIZUKA
5 A Study on the Construction of a Theater Material Image Search System that Utilizes the Theater Performance Record Database
Chief Librarian, Shochiku Otani Library  Sachiko MUTO
6 Construction of a 3D Model Database of Japanese Armor in the Collection of the Tokushima Castle Museum, Tokushima City
Associate Professor, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Tokushima University  Akihiro TSUKAMOTO
7 Automatic Extraction of Personal Information of Historical Characters from Nihon Jinmei Jiten by Yaichi Haga and Creation of Structured Data
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Management and Information Science, Onomichi City University  
Fuminori KIMURA
8 A Database Construction of Old Japanese Medieval Handwritten Copies of Sutras Located in Europe and their Analysis Using Machine Learning
Lecturer, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health System, Okayama University  
Toshiaki AIDA
9 Digital Archive of the Techniques, Processing and Enjoyment of Manga and Anime with its Focus on International Spread and Propagation of Culture
Associate Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University  Ryosuke YAMANISHI
D. International Joint Research to Utilize the Center's Facilities and Equipment      
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 A Basic Study on Primary Sources related to Urashima Legend in the Collection of Itoi Bunko Library in Maizuru City
Associate Professor, College of Human Sociology, Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University  Eriko HATA
2 University of Oregon Nōsatsu Digitization and Metadata Cataloging Project
Japanese Studies Librarian, University of Oregon Kevin MCDOWELL
3 Collection and Preservation of Traditional games from around the world, the Systematization and the Study of Cultural relevance of them
Part-time Lecturer, Shitennoji University   Isao UMEBAYASHI
4 Representation of Ghost in Japanese TV Series in 1960s: Focusing on the Impact of Kabuki
Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University   Mikyung BAK
5 A Research Project on Construction of Comprehensive Digital Archives Focusing on the Third Phase Yakusha Hyobanki
Professor, Faculty of Law and Literature, Ehime University  Yoko KAGURAOKA
6 Tourist images of France after the Second World War - Through French short movies held in ARC
ARC 所蔵の短編映画に見る第二次大戦後のフランスの観光イメージーー旧日仏学館蔵のフランス短編映画を通して
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Seika University  Kan SHIMAMOTO
7 Providing descriptive metadata and transcriptions for Collection of correspondence and poems from various officials from the Kumamoto domain
Head of Technical Services/Japanese Technical Services Librarian, East Asia Library, Stanford University Libraries   Mieko MAZZA
8 The Significance of Yokota Shokai In Film Production And Movie Screening From New Materials
Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University/ Video director, Kenichiro Hase Office   Kenichiro HASE
9 「目玉の松ちゃん・尾上松之助 活動写真デジタル資料館」の内容拡充
Representative, Matsunosuke Onoe's Relics Preservation Society  Yoshitaka MATSUNO
10 Digitization of "The Masaoka Shiki Collection" belonging to Hosei University Library and Publication on Archive
Professor, Department of Japanese, Faculty of Letters, Hosei University   Nobuaki NAKAMARU
11 Research on Construction of Global Archive of Playbill by Utilizing Art Research Center Banzuke Portal Database
Project Researcher, Kinugasa Research Organization  Masae KURAHASHI
12 Study on the Effective Promotion of Noh Theater to the Global Audience
Katayama-ke Nohgaku Kyomai Hozon Zaidan (the Katayama family foundation for the preservation of Noh and traditional Kyoto dance)   Kurouemon KATAYAMA
13 Yayoi upland settlements database project: toward a new framework for the study of upland settlements of the Yayoi period
Visiting Researcher, The Paleological Association of Japan, Inc.  Hideto MORIOKA
14 Study on advertising materials that early advertisement trade journal " Press Art " distributed
Professor, Faculty of Social Studies, Doshisha University  Yukie TAKEUCHI
15 Archiving and Utilization of Japanese Performing Arts Materials on JPARC (Japanese Performing Arts Research Consortium)
Associate Professor, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Kyoto Sangyo University  Diego PELLECCHIA
16 Historical investigation of the picture of a kabuki actor
Adjunct Researcher, The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University  Hiroyuki KUWAHARA
17 Digitization of Nanga Paintings by Kai Kozan (1867-1961)
南画家 甲斐虎山作品のデジタル化と発信
Associate Professor, Dept. of Apparel and Space Design, Kyoto Women's University  Shinya MAEZAKI
18 The Relationship Between Publication and Urban Culture on Kamigata and Edo in the 18 Century
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies  Aki ISHIGAMI
19 Internationalization of the Clothing Culture Digital Archive by Using the Virtual Institute
Visiting Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology  Haruko TAKAHASHI
20 The Kunitachi College of Music Library - Digitization and Virtual Institute Publication of the collection of Takeuchi Michitaka
国立音楽大学附属図書館「竹内道敬文庫」のデジタル化およびVirtual Instituteでの公開
Professor and Director, Kunitachi College of Music Library  Satoko INOUE
21 SISJAC Digital Archives on Japanese Materials
Senior Digital Humanities Officer, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures (SISJAC)  Ryoko MATSUBA
E. International Joint Research to Utilize the Center's Databases
No.Purpose of Database Use / Affiliation / Name
1 Updating metadata concering Ukiyo-e and ehon/ books with illustrations
Visiting Researcher, Art Research Center,  Emi NAKAMURA
2 Reviewing the category of kamigata database and using images for automatic categorization by machine learning
Professor, Gakushuin University  Tetsuji KUBOYAMA
3 Making the British Museum's Japanese collections available online through the ARC databases
Curator (Japanese Collections), Department of Asia, The British Museum  Rosina Buckland
4 Making the Metropolitan Museum's Japanese collections available online through the ARC databases
Associate Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art  Monika BINCSIK
F. Exceptional Type (Research Projects with Extended Research Period)
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Developing Online Education and Research Using the Holdings of the C.V. Starr East Asian Library and the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive at the University of California, Berkeley
Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley  Jonathan ZWICKER
2 Fundamental research for digital reproduction of Kabuki in Genroku era
Professor, English and International Studies, Meijyo University  Masami IWAI

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