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Research Funds: Joint Research Projects with Research Funds

We invite the research projects in the following two categories of research themes and adopt about ten projects per year.

The themes setup by the Center are as follows: 700,000 yen or less (About 3 proposals per year)
  1. Joint research to digitally archive and utilize Japanese art and cultural resources at museums abroad.
  2. Joint research to construct and/or utilize digital archives targeting cultural resources, such as World Cultural Heritages and intangible cultural heritages in Japan and beyond, which makes international comparative studies possible.
  3. Joint research to contribute to the global society beyond the Humanities area by utilizing cultural resources with applications of digital-archiving technologies.
Open Themes: 350,000 yen or less (About 7 proposals per year)

Themes are open; please submit a research proposal to study the ARC's research materials or related subjects, which include Japanese history, historical GIS, Japanese art and crafts, Japanese literature, Japanese performing arts, Japanese movies, videogames, TV commercials.

Acceptance of Conditions

 The ARC accepts the research leader of Joint Research Projects with Research Fund as a visiting researcher of the Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University--the umbrella organization to which the ARC belongs. The visiting researcher can use the ARC's facilities and research resources by follwoing the ARC's rules.
 When co-researchers wish to use the ARC's facilities and research resources, they can also do that by applying for a visiting researcher.

The following is the facilities and research resources that the visiting researchers can use.
・ARC's research materials and databases
・A desk in the Joint Usage Research Room
・Two Meeting Rooms in the Center
・Ritsumeikan University Library
・RAINBOW USER-ID (Ritsumeikan University's e-mail account)

Please contact us if you would like to apply for a visiting researcher. Note that it will take about one month for reviewing and processing the application.

Contact us:

International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art and Culture
Office of the Art Research Center
Research Office at Kinugasa Campus
Ritsumeikan University

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