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International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art and Culture (ARC-iJAC)

The Digital Archive Research Center for Japanese Cultural Resources promotes academic digital archiving of information concerning Japanese culture. It provides a digital environment and facilities accommodating the various requirements of a diverse range of research, and encourages humanities scholars of Japanese culture to conduct research in Applied Humanities employing Digital Humanities (DH) approaches.

The wealth of scholarly information digitized and scientifically managed in the digital archives will be a valuable resource that adds depth to and expands new horizons for research in the humanities.

Main Objectives:

  1. Promoting development of digital archives by encouraging everyday research activities in the humanities to be "born-digital."
  2. Creating a constructive cycle of research activities in which digital archives dramatically increase research efficiency.
  3. Providing an environment in which the efficiency of digital archives facilitates large-scale projects of a scope previously unthinkable, and producing advanced research results.

Adopted Joint Research Projects

FY 2020 Adopted Joint Research Projects

FY 2019 Adopted Joint Research Projects


Committees for 2020

Support Contents for Joint Research Projects



Guidelines for FY 2020 International Joint Research with Research Fund

The application for FY 2020 is closed

Guidelines for FY 2020 Joint Research to Utilize the Center's Facilities and Equipment

The ARC provides its facilities and equipment such as rooms, equipment for digitalization, and cloud storage for members of joint research projects. The members can also create their own Virtual Institute or manage a database by using our platform. If you wish to use the Center's facilities and equipment, please read the guidelines below and submit a proposal.

FY2020 International Joint research to Utilize the Center's Databases

The ARC provides its databases to the members of joint research projects. If you wish to use any database, please read the details and submit your application form.