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Facility and Equipment Rental

The Art Research Center (ARC) conserves various cultural resources, and has facilities and equipment for creating digital archives. The International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art and Culture (ARC-iJAC) makes such facilities and equipment available for use in research projects.

List of Equipment and Facilities
  • Digital photo studio (with 3 mobile booths) and equipment for digital photographing in other locations
    • Single-lens reflex digital cameras (Nikon D810, D610, etc.)
    • Copy stand for digital photographing in other locations (LPL CS-5)
    • Lighting and other equipment for photographing
  • Special digital photographing and 3D scanning studio
    • Adhesive wall for photographing large-scale flat-surface materials (width 460cm X height 240cm)
    • 3D digitizer (Konica Minolta VIVID 910)
  • Sever room and digital archive room for high-speed image processing
    • Desktop PCs (10 PCs)
    • A3 flatbed scanners (2 scanners: Epson ES-10000G, DS-70000)
    • Web server and database server
  • Multipurpose room (can be used as a recording studio or an 80-people capacity conference room)
    • 3 projection screens
    • Cypress floor for noh, kyōmai, and other traditional performances
    • Movable stage adequate for noh performances
    • Multi-view digital-image recording equipment
    • Optical motion-capture system (3D motion analysis)
  • Image and sound digital archive editing studio
    • Equipment capable of viewing, playing back, and editing a wide range of materials, including images from old films to digital images, and sounds from tapes to digital sources.
    • 4K cameras (Sony XDCAM PXW-Z100, PDW-F335, and others)
    • Compact video camera recorders (Sony Handycam HDR-SR-12, HDR-CX550)
  • Restoration room with full-time staff for restoring old documents
    • Suction table (A1 size)
    • Stereo microscope (Olympus SZ61)
    • X-ray fluorescence analyzer (Ourstex 100FA)
  • 3 Conservation Rooms with climate control
    • Room1: 22℃ / 55% RH
    • Room2: 18℃ / 50% RH
    • Room3: 10℃ / 35% RH
  • Joint research room (1 room with 5 desk spaces) and conference rooms (2 rooms for holding seminars, etc.)
  • Viewing room adequate for hosting exhibits and workshops
  • Tokyo campus and Osaka campus (for seminars, symposiums, etc.)

Facility and Equipment Rental

Contact us

For more details regarding equipment and facilities, please contact the administrative office of the International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art and Culture (ARC-iJAC).

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