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Providing a Digital Research Environment

Maintaining and operating databases constructed by other parties

 The Digital Archive Research Center for Japanese Cultural Resources (hereafter "the Center") maintains and operates valuable databases, constructed by independent researchers or through research projects, that are no longer in use due to various constraints such as termination of research periods. The Center also carries out online publication and web-based operation of existing stand-alone databases that have been developed by other parties.

Effective utilization of server space and the cloud-based online storage system "OwnCloud"

 The Center provides file server space and cloud space for purposes such as the online publication of images and other digital content created or collected by researchers or through research projects, and for the effective use of digital content during seminars utilizing online resources.

Applying for the use

Promoting digital archive projects concerning the cultural heritage and resources of the Kyoto Basin region

 Kyoto is one of Japan's premier treasure troves of historical and cultural resources. Constructing digital archives of such resources requires exceptionally advanced and complex digital-archiving technologies and knowledge. Kyoto has also been known as a site of cultural production utilizing new technologies, and is an important site for modern cultural resources such as films and video games as well.
 Making the most of its optimal location in Kyoto as a focal point for cultural research and education, the Center leads a number of projects focused on Kyoto's cultural resources.

By providing an IT environment with the above-mentioned features, the Center promotes the utilization and publication of dormant digital content. It also helps realize research activities that are "born-digital," supports the development of research networks, and by doing so, assists in the implementation of research structures in which intellectual information is utilized in constructive circular processes.

*While the Center does not offer funding for research, the digital environment it provides translates to substantial financial benefit.
*Ownership, intellectual property rights, and copyright for databases, digital content, and metadata created by other parties are expressly recognized while they are maintained by the Center. There is no obligation to transfer the ownership of such materials to the Center.

Support Contents for Joint Research Projects