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FY 2022 Adopted Joint Research Projects

<International Joint Research with Research Fund>
A. International Fixed Theme
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Digitisation of early-modern Japanese metal objects (sword furniture) in the British Museum collection for public and scholarly use: methodological exploration and training of UK-based graduate students
Mitsubishi Corporation Curator (Japanese Collections), Asia Department, British Museum  Akiko YANO
<International Joint Research with Research Fund>
B. International Open Theme
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Tracing the Reception of Japanese Art in the West: the Case of Monte Verita
University of Zurich, Professor  Hans Bjarne THOMSEN
2 Qait'bay Citadel (1477-1479): Visualizing the Main Coastal Fortification of Medieval Alexandria, Egypt
National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG)/ Director of Advance Studies Unit for Cultural Heritage
3 Ukiyo-e in Madrid Collections
Associate Professor of Art History Department of Art History, Faculty of Geography and History, Complutense University of Madrid.
4 Re-thinking Japonisme: Digitisation of the V&A's collection of Japanese ukiyo-e prints and illustrated books and researching its formation in the late 19th century
Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum  Masami YAMADA
<International Joint Research with Research Fund>
C. Open Theme
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Archiving both data and things of animes based on interaction design and media processing
Professor, Kansai University  Mitsunori Matsushita
2 A Digital Database Project on the high-altitude Settlements of the Yayoi Period
The Paleological Association of Japan, Inc. Visiting Researcher  Hideto MORIOKA
3 Building a GIS Database of Living Space Based on Oral History and Documents: Focusing on Old Roadside Settlements in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture
Keio University, Associate Professor  Yoshinori KASAI
4 A Digital Archive Connecting Modern Design and Industry: Towards a New History of Machine Textile Printing in Modern Kyoto
Kwansei Gakuin University・Part-time lecturer, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts・Part-time lecturer  Aya UEDA
5 Study on Theater-related Pictures Retrieval System using Record of Theater Play Database (provisional translation)
Chief Librarian, Shochiku Otani Library  Sachiko MUTO
6 Study on Construction of "Old photograph GIS database on Kamo River" and Transition Analysis of River Environment
Kindai University, Associate Professor  Takafusa IIZUKA
7 Construction of 3D Model Database of Japanese Armor in the possession of Tokushima City Tokushima Castle Museum
Associate Professor, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Tokushima University  Akihiro TSUKAMOTO
D. International Joint Research to Utilize the Center's Facilities and Equipment
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Stickiness and path dependence of land use patterns
Professor, University of Tokyo  Yasuhiro SATO
2 Construction of the Database of printing blocks of selection from Daishin Gito's works (the 273th chief priest of Daitoku-ji Temple) owned by Gyokurin-in, sub-temple of Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto City
Visiting researcher, International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism, Hanazono University  Jijin MORI
3 A Comprehensively Study on Primary Sources in the possession of Itoi Bunko Library in Maizuru City
Professor, Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University  Eriko HATA
4 Management for the Japan Art Documentation Society Utilizing Cloud Storage
Japan Art Documentation Society
5 Nōgu taikan Transcribe and Translate Project
University of Pittsburgh Library System, Japanese/ Korean Studies Librarian  Hiroyuki NAGAHASHI GOOD
6 Significance of Yokota Einosuke in the modern Kyoto film industry
Professor, Media and Information Resources, Surugadai University  Kenichiro HASE
7 Providing descriptive metadata and transcriptions for Collection of correspondence and poems from various officials from the Kumamoto domain
スタンフォード大学東アジア図書館が所蔵する「熊本藩文人書状集」は現在最小限のメタデータしか存在しないため、立命館大学ARCの「AI くずし字解読支援・指導システム(くずし字解読支援・指導システム)」を使用し当コレクションが既に作成済みのデジタル画像から研究代表者(マッザ)が翻刻文を作成する。翻刻文に基づきスタンフォード大学東アジア図書館OPAC上に公開されるメタデータの充実に努める。 昨年度は諸事情により研究が当初の計画通りに進まなかった為、昨年度に引き続いての申請とした次第である。2022年度の研究申請が受諾されたあかつきには、第2Phaseでチューターの方々に添削・翻刻の指導を継続して受けつつ、全文書の翻刻を完了する予定である。
Head of Technical Services/Japanese Technical Services Librarian, East Asia Library, Stanford University Libraries  Mieko MAZZA
8 Research for the utilization of digital database "TVCM of the 20th century"
Professor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Social Sciences, Ibaraki University  Kohei KONO
9 Infrastructure Development of Digital Research Environment for Modern Woodblock-printed. Kuchi-e (Frontispieces)
Independent Researcher  Tomoo ASAHI
10 A Research Project on Construction of Comprehensive Digital Archives Focusing on the Third Phase Yakusha Hyobanki
Professor, Faculty of Law and Literature, Ehime University  Yoko KAGURAOKA
11 Construction of a digital archive of the Yamori family postcard collection and geographical analysis of its images and texts
Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University  Kazuko SUGIURA
12 Digital Archiving and Promotion of "Tsuchitaro / Mototugu Hayashi's Movie Sounds Collection"
CEO, studio-884.Pro. Co., Ltd.  Genki TAKIGAWA
13 A basic research for building a digital archiving of Japan National Railway's documents: Focusing on Daily reports of Moji Railway Bureau.
Lecturer, Kyushu Sangyo University Faculty of Collaborative Regional Development    Akimasa SUGANUMA
14 Study on advertising materials that early advertisement trade journal " Press Art " distributed
Professor, Faculty of Social Studies, Doshisha University    Yukie Takeuchi
15 Research related to the database of the collection of the Nakanishi family housing in Suita city.
Independent Researcher    Hisataka Araki
16 Kyoto News" Preservation and Utilization Project
Representative, The Toy Film Museum in Kyoto   Yoneo Ota
17 Research on Gidayubushi Joruris works during the heyday for the expansion and developmental utilization of digital archives
Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University   Yoko Kuroishi
18 A Research on the Construction Method of a Web-based Encyclopedia of Theatre
Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Meijo University   Masami Iwai
19 A cursive script reprinting class for first-year students in at National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Maizuru College
Lecturer, National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Maizuru College   Midori Ogita
20 Dissemination of research results and lifestyle culture using the collection of the Nagae Family Residence
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Regional Policy, Aichi University   Hirotaka Sato
21 Re-Examining the Publishing System from 17th through 19th Century Utilizing Murakami Family Historical Documents
Part-time Lecturer, Doshisha University   Maya HIGUCHI
22 A Study on Kyoto-Haikai through the 18th and 19th Centuries Concerning Hanakuyo
Ritsumeikan University, Lecturer   Chiyoko TAKEUCHI
E. International Joint Research to Utilize the Center's Database System
No.Purpose of Database Use / Affiliation / Name
1 Maintaining and Updating the Japanese Special Collections in the C.V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley
Librarian, C.V. Starr East Asian Library University of California, Berkeley   Toshie MARRA
2 Elucidating the Relationship between Taoist sexual practices and Shung
Research Member, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation KENIKAI FOUNDATION  Kenji NAKATSUKA
3 Exploring group study and research activities using the ARC database on picture books, Esugoroku, Oraimono published in the Edo period
Tokyo Gakugei University Library  Yumi SEGAWA
4 Memories of the Miyazaki Pleasure Quarters: Reading Primary Materials with the ARC's Database and Exploring kuzushiji Deciphering Pedagogy for Learners in Canada
Ph.D. student, Department of Asian Studies, The University of British Columbia Saeko SUZUKI
5 Multi-Label Classification of Stencil Images in the Katagami Database
Professor, Computer Centre & Graduate School of Humanities Graduate Course in Archival Science, Gakushuin University Tetsuji KUBOYAMA
6 Publishing Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library's banzuke collection online using the ARC's databases
Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library  Keiji OSHIMA
7 Using the ARC Transcription Support System for Kuzushiji as a digital pedagogy tool for teaching classical Japanese literature at the University of British Columbia
Professor, Department of Asian Studies, The University of British Columbia  Joshua S. MOSTOW
8 A study of 18th to 19th century Shen Quan and Japanese Nanpin School paintings through art historical and material analysis of the British Museum and the Ashmolean
Ph.D. Candidate,Nottingham Trent University  Makiko TSUNODA
9 Making a Honkoku version of the books and writings from late Muromachi through Edo periods (15th C - 19thC) that were used for disseminating a literacy as well as humanitarian ways of life to commoners. Sample: Tsuda, Masanari. Manoatari Oshieno Chikamichi "Quick Guide to Teachings of Life" (1927, 1847)
Associate Professor, Brown University  Kikuko YAMASHITA
10 Research on wakan renku and wakan haikai
Assistant Professor of Japanese, Kenyon College  XIE Kai
11 Providing online access to the collection of ukiyo-e, surimono related to industrial history, and early Japanese books held by the Amagasaki City Museum of History
Director, Amagasaki City Museum of History  Toshiyuki IMOTO
12 WUSTL: Kuzushi-ji Trainings on ARC databases with "Sotatsu isemonogatarizu shikishi," et al.
Japanese Studies Librarian, East Asian Library, Washington University in St. Louis   Mitsutaka NAKAMURA
13 Information on the location of Buddhist temples and shrines in Medieval Kyoto for the study of the Illustrated Biography of Priest Ippen.
Emeritus Professor, Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties   Michio YONEKURA
14 秩父宮記念スポーツ博物館収蔵品データベースの構築
Curator, Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum   Sachiko Niina
15 竹内道敬文庫のデータベース化
Kunitachi College of Music   Kyoko Takahashi
16 ホノルル美術館所蔵の古典籍の翻刻、英訳、研究・調査、古典籍の展示・公開
Honolulu Museum of Art / Research Associate   Kiyoe Minami

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