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IEEE Virtual Reality 2012

  IEEE VR 2012 was held in Orange County, USA, March 6-8, 2012.

  IEEE VR 2012 is the premier international conference and exhibition on virtual reality.

  I made an poster presentation and a fast-forward oral presentation titled "Vibration Reproduction for a Virtual Yamahoko Parade System".

  A lot of researchers interested in our research on digital museum that is an application of virtual reality to humanities.

  The conference featured keynote speeches such as "Taking the 'Virtual' Out of Virtual Reality" by Prof. Carlo H Sequin, "What's Next?: The Third Wave in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques" by Prof. David J Kasik, and "Isn't All Reality Really Virtual?" by Prof. James J Blascovich.

Paper information:

L. Li, W. Choi, Y. Hara, K. Izuno, K. Yano, and K. Hachimura, “Vibration reproduction for a virtual Yamahoko Parade system,” IEEE Virtual Reality 2012 (IEEE VR 2012), Orange County, USA, pp. 129-130, 2012.



Liang Li


AAG Annual Meeting 2012

AAG Annual Meeting 2012 was held in New York, USA, Februray 24-28, 2012.

The AAG Annual Meeting is an interdisciplinary forum open to anyone with an interest in geography and related disciplines.

I made an oral presentation titled "The digital museum of Gion Festival using Virtual Kyoto" in Februray 27, in which our latest progress is introduced.


Paper information:

L. Li, K. Yano, W. Choi, K. Hachimura, and T. Nishiura, “The digital museum of Gion Festival using Virtual Kyoto,” AAG Annual Meeting 2012, New York, USA, 4535-1, 2012.


Liang Li


International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, GRAPP2012

 During February 24-26 2012, the International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (VISIGRAPP2012), was held in Rome, Italy. This conference aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers which covers different aspects related to Computer Graphics, from Modelling to Rendering, including Animation, Interactive Environments and Social Agents In Computer Graphics.

In this conference, I has made an oral presentation on "Generating Stylized Dance Motion from Labanotation by Using an Autonomous Dance Avatar".

Paper: W. Choensawat and K. Hachimura: "Generating Stylized Dance Motion from Labanotation by Using an Autonomous Dance Avatar", In Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, GRAPP2012, Rome, Italy, pp. 535--542, Feb 24-26, 2012

Worawat Choensawat




International Symposium Human Body Motion Analysis with Motion Capture

International Symposium Human Body Motion Analysis with Motion Capture
国際シンポジウム モーションキャプチャ技術と身体動作処理

主催: 文部科学省グローバルCOEプログラム「日本文化デジタル・ヒューマニティーズ拠点」(立命館大学)
協力:( 株)ナック・イメージテクノロジー
日時: 2012年1月21日(土)9時17時30分
会場: 立命館大学 びわこ・くさつキャンパス(BKC) エポック立命21

招待講演 Invited Talk:
"Videocapturing for medical applications"
Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
(University of Geneva, Switzerland and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

特別講演 Special Talk:
"The latest technology and trends in Motion Capture Systems"
Mr. Bo Wright (Motion Analysis Studios, USA)

一般講演 General Session:
"Simulation of Dancing Groups using Motion Data"
Asako Soga (Ryukoku University)

"Vibration Reproduction for a Virtual Yamahoko Parade System"
Liang Li (Ritsumeikan University)

"The Evaluation of LabanEditor3, an Interactive Graphical Editor, from a Choreologist's Perspective: the Case Study of Noh Play and Classical Ballet"
Minako Nakamura (Ochanomizu University)

"A Study of Molecular Model Display System using Augmented Reality"
Akihiro Kobayashi (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)

"Comparing Timing of Interpersonal Up-down Dance Coordination by using Motion Capture"
Nao Shikanai (Ritsumeikan University)

"Possibility of the Motion Capture System in Fieldwork"
Susumu Aihara (Ritsumeikan University)

"Quantification of Open Communications Structure in Duo-Comic Acts Manzai"
Mamiko Sakata (Doshisha University)

"Study on Educational Support System and Measurement of Nihon Buyo by Motion Capture"
Toshihiro Irie (Nihon University)

The symposium "Human Body Motion Analysis with Motion Capture" ("Motion Capture Symposium" for short) is organized by the Dance Archive Project under the Global COE Program. The project and the symposium were originally started in the year 2003 under the former COE Program called 21st Century COE Program. The purposes of the Dance Archive Project include: (1) Digital archiving human body motions of intangible cultural properties especially traditional dance by using a motion capture system, (2) Numerical and quantitative analysis as well as qualitative analysis of dance body motion data, (3) Analysis and evaluation of body motion by utilizing biophysical and biomechanics information, (4) Research on representation of dance body motions and interactions with virtual dancers in virtual environments. The project consists of faculty members, researchers in our university and also visiting researchers from other universities in Japan. They are from both engineering and humanities backgrounds.
This year the symposium celebrates its 9th year. We invited Prof. Nadia Magnenar-Thalmann at Nanyang Technological University, who is one of the most famous researchers on CG and VR, to give us the invited talk on her latest research topic "Videocapturing for Medical Applications". We also invited Mr. Bo Wright at Motion Analysis Studios to give us a special talk on "The Latest Technology and Trends in Motion Capture Systems". Other researchers also introduced their latest researches in general session. A demonstration session of MEXT Digital Museum Project was organized at the same venue. The researchers exchanged their innovative ideas in an open atmosphere.



Human-Computer Interaction International 2011


 2011年7月9日~14日,フロリダ・オーランドにて開催された"14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction" に参加しました.
 "Relations between Kansei Information and Movement Characteristics in Point-light Displays of Dance"と題して,喜び/悲しみ/怒りの踊りの特徴と感性情報に関する研究のポスター発表を行いました.
 "Kansei Value Creation", "Emotions in HCI", "Relationality Design", "Embodied Interaction and Communication", "Motion Modeling", "Digital Museum", "3D Technology for HMD and LCD as a Human Interface", "Visualization Methods, Techniques and Applications", "Signal and Image Processing for HCI", "Conversational Robots in HCI" など,興味深いセッションも数多くあり,最新の研究成果を知ることができました.
理工学研究科 デジタルアーカイブ技術研究班



Digital Humanities 2011

During June 19-22 2011, the Digital Humanities 2011 was held in Stanford university, USA. Digital Humanities is the annual international conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO), which was held at  King’s College London last year and will be held at  university of Hamburg, Germany, next year.

In this conference, I has made a presentation on "A Labanotation Editing Tool for Description and Reproduction of Stylized Traditional Dance Body Motion" and was honored to receive the 2011 Bursary Award, for young researchers, from the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. Therefore, I would like to thank Prof. Hachimura and the GCOE program with all of you directly and indirectly giving me comments and suggestions in my research so that my research paper was qualified.



International Symposium Human Body Motion Analysis with Motion Capture


(写真左:会場の様子,中央:Prof.Daniel Thalmann,右:Mr.Christopher Bellaci)

    IMG_0856.JPG    IMG_0689.JPG    IMG_0717.JPG



人文科学とコンピュータシンポジウム 「じんもんこん2010」

 On December 11-12 2010, the Jinmonkon 2010 symposium was held in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Japan. In this symposium, our lab member, Hachimura Lab,  have presented three research topics as follows:

  • Visualization and Measurement of Acceleration of real Yamahoko Parade for Virtual Yamahoko Parade System, presented Dr. Woong Choi.
  • Description and Reproduction of Noh Body Motion by Using Labanotation, presented by Worawat Choensawat
  • Similarity-based Image Retrieval System with a Function of Inferring User's Intentions, presented by Shuhei Takehisa



2010年11月 8日







○木村 文則, Biligsaikhan Batjargal, 前田 亮(立命館大学)
デジタル・ヒューマニティーズ: 情報技術の新たな展開




MPR2010, Japan

 On October 8-9 2010, the 6th Joint Workshop on Machine Perception and Robotics 2010 (MPR2010) was held in Kyushu University Ito Campus, Japan. The workgroup in collaborate between Kyushu University (Japan), Ritsumeikan University (Japan) and Peking University (China). Our lab made two presentations in this workshop as follows:

  1. “Virtual Yamahoko Parade in Virtual Space”, presented by Prof. Kozaburo Hachimura (Oral).
  2. “Data Filtering with Minimal Bounding Envelope for Similarity Retrieval of Motion Capture Data”, presented by Worawat Choensawat (Poster).




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