June 1, 2009

GCOE Seminar in June, 2009

■Vol.54 : June 30 (Tue.), 2009
1.Kenichi Honda (RAⅡ / Histrical GIS / D2, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University)
"The Change of Road Network in Nishijin of Kyoto between Medieval Period and Early Modern"

2.Toshikazu Seto (RAⅠ / Histrical GIS / D1, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University)
"New Development of Geographic Spatial Information in the Internet Age"

3.Takashi Kirimura (RAⅢ / Histrical GIS / D3, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University / DC1, JSPS)
"Spatial Changes of Residential Characteristics in 20th-Century Kyoto"

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■Vol.53 : June 23 (Tue.), 2009
1.Mizuho Kamo (RAⅠ / Japanese Culture / D1, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University)
"A Research on Design Patterns, based on Visual Materials, and its Issues: Toward Construction of Japanese Design Pattern Database"

2.Ping Zhou (RAⅠ / Japanese Culture / D2, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University)
"Construction of Oiwa’s Role: On its Stylized Settings"

3.David Jerome Putnam (University of Zurich)
"The development of “Individuality” seen in the onnagata-Kabuki-images. From Nakamura Tomijuro I (1719-1786)to Nakamura Utaemon VI (1917-2001)"

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■Vol.52 : June 16 (Tue.), 2009
1.Toledo Nolasco Alejandro (RAⅠ / Digital Archiving Technology / D1, Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
"Interactive Visual Analysis of Personal Names in Japanese Historical Diary"

2.Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn (PD / Digital Archiving Technology)
"Digital museums in Second Life"

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■Vol.51 : June 9 (Tue.), 2009
Special program

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1.Aki Ishigami (PD / Japanese Culture)

2.Sawako Chang Takemura (HAA Robert F. Lange Foundation Japanese Art Imaging Project Manager / Research Assistant)

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■Vol.50 : June 2 (Tue.), 2009
1.Shin Ōno (RAⅠ / Web Technology / D2, Graduate School of Policy Sciences)
  Shinya Saito (PD / Web Technology)
  Mitsuyuki Inaba (Project Member / Leader of Web Technology / Professor, Graduate School of Policy Science)
"Collective Culture and Visualization of Spatiotemporal Information"

2.Akihiro Tsukamoto (JSPS PD / Historical GIS)
"A Historical GIS Analysis of the Landscape Compositions: A Case Study of Folding Screens “Rakuchu-Rakugai-zu” "

3.Takaaki Okamoto (PD / Japanese Culture)
"Text and Pictures in Japanese Historical Documents"

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TIME : 18:00~19:30
PLACE : 【Kinugasa campus(KIC), Ritsumeikan University】 Art Research Center
【Biwako Kusatsu campus(BKC), Ritsumeikan University】 The Internet (Power Live)

※Participation through the Internet (PowerLive) is available. If you wish to do so, please contact Nishikawa at: nyoshi■fc.ritsumei.ac.jp (please replace ■ with @).

※ Handouts will be available from the afternoon of the day of the seminar at the following website (for a limited time only).
 http://www.arc.ritsumei.ac.jp/dhjac/ppt/haihusiryo-index.html (※ Japanese only)