Tricolored cherry tree landscapes: Noh-Bunraku-Rakugo

Date and Time

Mar 27 (Sun)


Yamamoto Nohgakudo


4.500 yen (5.500 yen on the day)

19th Caspa Storyteller's performance (Yose)

Date and Time

Nov 27 (Sat)


Himeji Caspa Hall


All Reserved Seats
General 2.000 yen
High School students and younger students 1.000 yen

Sorio Summer Rakugo~Rakugo is cool! Ⅳ~

Date and Time

Aug 29 (Sun)


Takarazuka Sorio Hall


General 2.000 yen (2.500 yen on the day)
Junior High-School Students or under 800 yen (1.000 yen on the day)

Takarazuka Rakugo Workshop for Kids - Recruiting participants

Date and Time

Applications will be accepted between the 3rd and 17th of April, by telephone.
(If a high number of applications is received, a drawing of lots will be hold)
Jun 5 (Sat) ~ Aug 29 (Sun)
11th Final Event will be held at the Takarazuka Sorio Hall on the 28th of August.
The usual date for the meetings will be on Saturdays from 10:00 to 11:30. During the Summer Holidays there is the possibility of taking extra classes during the week days as well.


Takarazuka Sorio Hall
Lessons will be held on the Classroom 301 Japanese Style Room


Participation Fees 15.000 yen (Price for all the training lessons)
Course Materials Fee (Hat and tenugui)
Rakugo's Appreciation Fee (Compulsory)
In the final performance day everybody will perform dressed in yukata.

Kamigata Reinassance 2009 - Music Drama Festival.

Date and Time

Nov.15 (Sun)


Naniwa Souseijuku


1.000 yen (Green Tea and Japanese Sweets will be served)

8th Sumiyoshi Monzen Society of the Laugh, Kohama Gathering

Time: Apr 27 (Sun) 5 pm
Place: Kohama [Ippei]
5 min from Kohama station on the Nankai line, 3 min from Sumiyoshi taisha, 3 min from Umiyoshi and Sumiyoshi Torii Mae stations on the Hankai line and the Kamimachi line
Hettsui nusuto

5th Onitsuka Gathering

Time: Apr 27 (Sun) 2 pm
Place: Shokoji

Hayashiyatei April Gathering: Someza Development Plans

Time: Apr 26 (Sat) 6:30 pm
Place:Wahha Kamigata 7th Fl Lesson Room
Performance contents:
Hayashiya Someza: Uekiya musume, Ogon no daikoku, surprise
Hayashiya Somejaku: Surprise
Hayashiya: Kaiko ichiban

13th Nansho Ekimae Gathering Meiden(Maiden)-za

Time: Apr 24 (Thu) 7 pm
Place: Livehouse `Maiden Voyage`
Rokko station on the Hankyu line, go north then turn west at first turn
Shofukutei Tomonosuke
Katsura Soba
Kobe University Rakugo Research Society

1st Furumontei Gathering

Time Apr 22 (Tue) 7 pm
Place: Edoyashiki Furumon
Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Yamate-dori 1 cho-me 4-11 New Gate Bulding 5th Fl
Rakigo performances and discussion
Shamisen accompaniment

9th Asahi Tosai Meijin Society

Time: Apr 22 (Tue) 6:30 pm
Place: Theatre Drama City

The Rakugo Waiting Room-Performance by Katsura Sanshiro and Others

Time: Apr 20 (Sun) 3 pm
Place: Tamazo Katarina Hall
Katsura ponpo musume
Mori no Ishimatsu
Katsura Sanshiro      

3rd Ikeda Nambu Rakugo Performance

Time: Apr 20 (Sun) 2 pm
Place: Ikeda Nambu Kokaido
Hayashiya Ichiro
Katsura Kogoro
Tsukitei Hatten

8th Semba Kamigata Storytelling Society

Time: Nov 5 (Mon) 6:30 pm Place: Mido Kaikan (Minami Mido) Great Hall Performance contents: Rakugo: Kinjitsu musuko, Gonsukezakana, Kosugai, Kubichochin, Sarayashiki 

Performance sponsored by the Stage art Research Center at Kyoto University of Art and Design

Time: Jun 2 (Sat) 2 pm
Place: Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto geijutsu Gekijo, Shunju-za