2nd Takeyama Performance

Time: Mar 25 (Sun) 2 pm
Place: Kyoto Geijutsu Gekijo Shunju-za
Kyoto University of Art and Design
Performance content:
Nagauta and shamisen accompaniment
Also performance by the Japanese dance circle `Kosaru no Kai`

Plum Flower Festival

Time: Feb 25 at 10 am-3 pm
Place:Kitano Tenmangu
Event contents:
Commemorating the Death of Sugawara no Michizane in 903
1) Religious Plum Flower Festival Ceremony
2) Tea ceremony event every 50 minutes at the Nodate construction
3) Presentation of flowers

Traditional City Crafts Day 2007

Time: Mar 18 (Sun) 2 pm-4 pm
Place: Gion Kobu Kaburenjo
Event contents:
Presentation of kyomai danceYamatobumi and talk in Japanese

24th Chikamatsu Challenge

Time: Mar 9 (Fri) 7 pm, Mar 10 (Sat) 1 pm, Mar 11 (Sun) 1 pm
Place: Torii Hall
Performance contents:
Performance of the story: Shinju nimai ezoshi