Plum Flower Festival (Open Air Tea Ceremony)

Time: Feb 25 at 10 am-3 pm
Place: Kitano Tenmangu, nodate tents by ema office
In commemoration of the death of Sugawara no Michizane, who died in 903 Feb 25
Event contents:
Tea ceremony with 50 minutes interval from 10 am
1) Religious ceremony opening the plum flower festival
2) Tea ceremony by Kami Shichiken Kabukai
3) Donation of flowers and books to Kyoto Bunkyo Women`s MIddle school and Senior High School

Open Seminar on "Tendencies of the Theatre in Kansai after the War"

Open seminar Lecture by Gondo Yoshikazu
Time Feb 15 (Thu) 3 pm-5 pm
Place: Ritsumeikan University Art Research Center, Conference Room 2
Sponsor: Research Society for Spearhead Research in Kamigata Perfromance Arts
Co-sponsor: 21 Century COE `Creation of Kyoto Art Entertainment ` Program