New Years Eve Special Performance-Tradional Kamigata Performance Arts Night

Performance contents:
Noh: Okina Kyogen: Kaniyamabushi
Storytelling: Yanagida Kaku no Shin
Song and dance by members of Osaka Geigi Association
Zashikigei Social games corner
Date and TimeDec 31 (Mon) 9:30 pm-0:30 am
PlaceYamamoto Nohgakudo
FeeS area: 5.500 yen (Frontage floor chair seats) A area: 5.000 yen (Frontage Zabuton cushions) 45 seats B area: 4.500 yen (Floor side seats and 1st Fl gallery sideview) 131 seats Within each area seats are unreserved ※ There are chair seats available on floor sides and 1st Fl seats as well .