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Technical Support Board

 The Technical Support Board plays a critical role in assisting the projects conducted at the Digital Archive Research Center for Japanese Cultural Resources (hereafter "the Center"). The board manages the fundamental research environment, such as the server and cloud space and the SNS system that the Center makes available to the projects it supports. In addition, the board staff provides the following four types of technical support and advice to assist each project's research activities.

Technical Support Mail: ml-tech-support [at] (replace [at] with @)

Server maintenance and management

 Server maintenance and management is at the heart of the Center. With a thorough security-management structure against cyber attacks in place, the board provides a server environment that is easy to use.

Technical support for database construction

 The board offers technical support for database construction, including provision of database system templates and tune-ups. It also offers support for user account management

Technical support for digitization

 The board provides technical support for constructing digital archives of Japanese cultural resources, including digitizing cultural assets and creating electronic texts.

Support for research concerning digital archives

 Drawing on the research that the Art Research Center (ARC) has conducted within and outside Japan, the board encourages active participation in digital-archiving activities, and provides advice on developing research that utilizes digital archives. It also offers recommendations for databases constructed through research projects.

Support Contents for Joint Research Projects