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Image Use Procedure Guide

The Art Research Center distinguishes between two cases of the image use: non-commercial and commercial

Our definition of "commercial use":

We regard the following as "commercial use"--any use of the Art Research Center's digital images in: TV broadcast; paper publication such as books and magazines with circulations of 2,001 or more copies; web publication; and CDs or DVDs. For the use in design goods, please consult the Art Research Center. For commercial use, you need to submit a separate proposal AND an "Image Use Request Form" to the Art Research Center.

Non-commercial use

If the above-mentioned definition of "commercial use" is unappreciable for your case AND you can meet the following "terms and conditions," we may regard your case of image use as "non-commercial use." That means that you may use digital image files in the collections that are held or managed by the Art Research Center (please refer to "Notes on holding Institution" below) for free of charge without getting our prior permission.

Terms and Conditions: The following terms and conditions are set for using the digital images for "non-commercial use" which do not require our prior permission.
  1. Do not provide the images to the third parties or re-distribute them.
  2. The following credit line must be used for each image: "Art Research Center Collection, Ritsumeikan University" followed by the object number (資料番号) or "ARC Collection, Ritsumeikan University" followed by the object number (資料番号).
  3. You may crop and trim the images, but are not allowed to do any other editing or processing.
  4. In the case of paper publication, the circulation should be 2,000 copies or less.
  5. In the case of paper publication, the size of each image should be A5 or smaller.
  6. In the case of academic publication, you may use the images on the body part only. Please contact the ARC when you wish to use them as book covers or frontispieces.
  7. The number of images in a single publication does not exceed 20 pieces.

The Applicant is responsible for applying and obtaining any appropriate third-party permissions to use the material, including but not limited to rights of publicity and copyrights of the images. Please be aware that the Applicant is responsible for any violation or infringement of copyright matters.

Deliverable items

We require that one complimentary copy of the finished product (publication or any other media) be sent to the Art Research Center upon publication. In the case of web publication, please inform us of the URL.

Commercial Use

For the Image Use Procedure, please click the button on the right.

Image Use Procedure PDF Document

If you wish to use digital image files of material held by the Art Research Center in an academic publication, please complete an "Image Use Request Form", which may be downloaded by clicking the button on the right.

Request Form WORD Document

*Sign the completed form and submit it to the Art Research Center by e-mailing a scanned form to

How to find Object and Image Numbers? Please click the button on the right.

Object and Image Numbers PDF Document

For the Terms and Conditions of Use of Image Files, please click the button on the right.

Terms and Conditions of Use of Image Files PDF Document

The Art Research Center will review your request and will usually respond by email within ten working days. If permission is granted, the email will include a letter setting out the terms under which permission has been granted.

Fees for Image Use

The Art Research Center (ARC) charges the following fees (excluding tax) for the use of images owned or managed by the ARC in other media.

Processing fees
TV broadcasting・design use 10,000 yen/item
Others (books, magazines, DVDs, etc.) 5,000 yen/item
Product packaging 3% of product price x number of units sold
Novelty goods (please inquire separately for other sizes and no. of copies) 500 copies A5 or smaller A4 or smaller A3 or smaller
15,000 yen 20,000 yen 30,000 yen
1,000 copies A5 or smaller A4 or smaller A3 or smaller
20,000 yen 30,000 yen 40,000 yen
E-books and e-magazines Exempted
※Please submit an application and proposal as we will review and decide whether the use of the images will be allowed.
Non-commercial use Exempted
※For the conditions for non-commercial use, please refer to the section on 'non-commercial use' above.
Secondary use Please inquire with us via e-mail. When re-using illustrations (re-broadcast, re-printing, revising editions, etc.), please submit an application again.
The fee for a second or subsequent application is 80% of the first application.
(Example: 8,000 yen/item for TV re-broadcast・4,000 yen/item for others)
Processing Fees
※This does not apply when downloading images from the database.
High-resolution images (TIFF) 1,000 yen/item
※Please note that high-resolution images may not be available for some materials.
Image printouts 100 yen/sheet(black and white・up to A3 size)
※The following fees will charged as necessary.
Media fee(CD-R, etc.) 100 yen
※No media fee will be charged for downloading from the database or from a URL provided by the ARC administrative office.
Shipping fees Depending on the actual cost
Please note:

The Art Research Center databases provide access to image files of materials held by a number of institutions. The Art Research Center can only grant permission for the use of image files of materials in collections that are held or managed by the Art Research Center. These collections are:

Holding Institution
in Japanese
Holding Institution
in English
Contact Information
立命館ARC ARC Collection, Ritsumeikan University Art Research Center,
Ritsumeikan University

Phone: 075-466-3411
Ume Collection, ARC Database, Ritsumeikan
白樺文庫 Shirakaba Collection,
Ritsumeikan University
Ebi Ebi Collection, ARC Database, Ritsumeikan
tgen tgen Collection, ARC Database, Ritsumeikan
朝日智雄 Asahi Collection Kuchi-e Database
大島写真 Oshima Photo Images
横田雅夫 Yokota Masao Collection
小島貞二コレクション Kojima Teiji Collection
中井文庫 Nakai Collection

For the use of image files of materials in all other collections, permission must be sought directly from the holding institution.
Contact information about these institutions is available here:

Holding Institution in JapaneseHolding Institution
in English
Contact Information
立命館大学図書館 Ritsumeikan University Library Office of Library Services (Kinugasa), Ritsumeikan University Library
Phone: 075-465-8217
国立国会図書館 National Diet Library Digital Library Division,
Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library

8-1-3 Seikadai. Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0287 JAPAN
東京大学 Digital KATEI Collection University of Tokyo Library System
Itoi Collection Culture Promotion Division, Maizuru City Office
Phone: 0773-66-1019
Maizuru City's Home Page
Japanese Gallery Japanese Gallery Japanese Gallery
SISJAC Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures
マレガ文庫 Marega Collection, Università Pontificia Salesiana E-mail: (English and Italian only)
早稲田大学図書館特別資料室 Waseda University
Phone: 03-5286-1754
跡見学園女子大学図書館 Atomi University
Phone: 048-478-3819(Niiza Campus)
中村家写真 Nakamura Photographs