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The Art Research Center (ARC) at Ritsumeikan University assumed its role as the International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art and Culture (ARC-iJAC) upon being designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as an International Joint Usage/Research Center. Since then, it has been focusing on international joint research projects to foster young researchers, and disseminate and provide education on art and culture worldwide, among other activities.

International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art and Culture (ARC-iJAC)
The International Joint Usage/Research Center system of the MEXT allows researchers in and outside of Japan to share the ARC's academic materials, data, and facilities and conduct international joint research beyond the individual university's framework. It aims to enhance the foundation of academic research and develop new academic researches.
The goal of this Center is to "become a world-class research center" in the Digital Humanities field through a variety of activities, such as joint research with researchers from other universities and research organizations, collaboration with influential research organizations in and outside of Japan, training of young researchers, effective dissemination of research results, as well as giving back to the society.

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Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures "Program for Supporting Research Center Formation"- Research Project
The "Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures" project aims to develop new and different projects in the field of Japanese Digital Humanities based on the comprehensive research capabilities in the humanities, social sciences, and information sciences that we have accumulated to date. As this is the final year of this center's five-year support program, a common theme 遊び":アート・エンターテインメント ("Play": Art Entertainment) has been established. Under this common theme, we aim to develop research activities that further integrate the humanities and sciences in order to create a new direction for the next program, unify the entire center and produce clear research results.
Adopted Projects for the "Program for Asia-Japan Research Development"
The Asia-Japan Institute aims to promote research that will contribute to the "Asian Era" with Ritsumeikan's unique concept and strategic orientation. Since 2016, the institute's goal has been to disseminate the results of such research throughout Japan and the world via the newly developed "Program for Asia-Japan Research Development."