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FY 2016 Adopted Joint Research Projects

A. The themes setup by the Center are as follows
No.themes No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Digital Archiving the Japanese arts and research the Japanese art collection in Europe and U.S.A.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art John CARPENTER
B. Open Themes
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Organization and Utilization of Modern Printed Textile Research Materials through the Method of Digital Archiving
Associate Professor, department of Apparel and Space Design, Faculty of Home Economics, Kyoto Women's University Mihoko AOKI
2 Applied approach using the ARC Ukiyo-e Database system
Visiting Researchers for Ritsumaikan University, Kinugasa Research Organization  Yuriko IWAKIRI
3 A Study of Sumo Prints in Kyoto-Osaka Area
Tokyo National Museum Noriko OKUBO
4 Developing a WebGIS-based Application for Comparative Study of Folding Screens of Rakuchu rakugai-zu (Scenes in and around Kyoto)
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Kota OKUKUBO
5 Development of optical imaging and analysis methods for restoration study of ukiyo-e print
Associate Professer, Science and Technology, Tokushima University Takeo MINAMIKAWA
6 演劇上演記録のデータ・ベース化と活用、ならびに汎用利用システム構築に関る研究
Shochiku Otani Library Sachiko MUTO
7 Research on Letters Exchanged Between Tomimoto Kenkichi and Bernard Leach: Tomimoto Kenkichi Archive in the Collection of Kyoto City University of Arts
Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts Akito MORINO
8 Frederick W. Gookin (1853-1936) and His Roles in the Western Receptions of Japanese Woodblock Prints
Professor and Chair, University of Zurich, Section for East Asian Art Hans Bjarne THOMSEN
9 The comprehensive research for Oheyama legend using Shutendoji-handscroll in ARC
Lecturer Japanés art history, the Anglo-American University, and Charles University Helena HONCOOPOVÁ
10 Archiving and Utilization of Japanese Performing Arts Materials on GloPAD (Global Performing Arts Database) and JPARC (Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center)
Associate Professor, East Asian Langueges and Cultural Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara Katherine SALTZMAN-LI
11 A Research on the Construction of a Database on Medieval Vocabulary and Its Visual Presentation
Professor, Linguistics, Languages and Cultures, University of Calgary X. Jie YANG
C. Utilize Research Resources
No.Title / Affiliation / Name
1 Construction of a Digital Atlas of Topographic Documents and Guidebooks in the Early Modern Period and Modern Period of Kyoto
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Tokushima University Akihiro TSUKAMOTO
2 Basic Study on Planar Composition of Urban Ground
Lecturer, Unit of Design, Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research, Kyoto University Yusuke KITA
3 A Study on Representation of Rakuchū-Sogamae and Regional Variation of its Dismantling Process, using Large Scale Maps of Kyoto City (1927-1951)
Hasegawa House of History, Culture, and Exchange and Foundation Soushitirou NAKAGAWA
4 The Relationship Between Publication and Urban Culture on Kamigata and Edo in 18 Century
Assistant Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies Aki ISHIGAMI
5 Database of Kamigata-e: Osaka Prints Research Group
Independent Researcher John FIORILLO
6 Historical investigation of the picture of a kabuki actor
Adjunct Researcher, Waseda University Theatre Museum Hiroyuki KUWAHARA
7 The study of Osaka prints
Director, Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Seiko TAKANO
8 研究・テレビ文化研究ほか多分野での研究利用を想定。各研究者が研究課題を設定。
Section Chief, Academic Promotion Division, Kyoto Seika University Yoshio KIRIYAMA
9 花供養をめぐる近世後期京都俳諧の研究
Part-time Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University Chiyoko TAKEUCHI
10 A remedial research on the northern building of Nagae-ke residence
Visiting Researchers for Ritsumaikan University, Kinugasa Research Organization Yoshie TAKAGI