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Our Concept: Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University

 The aim of the Art Research Center (ARC) at Ritsumeikan University is to conduct research and analysis of tangible and intangible cultural properties focusing on art, performance art, skills and techniques from historical and social viewpoints, as well as to record, organize, conserve and transmit the collected data to pass on the information to future generations.
 Based on the comprehensive research competence in humanities and social sciences accumulated at Ritsumeikan University, the Center has applied cutting-edge scientific digital technology to research, develop, teach and promote the system for the preservation and access to "temporal art" (such as theatre and public entertainment), the system for aiding artistic creations, the system for diffusing art for public sharing and enjoyment, the system for understanding and teaching art, and educational programs, among many other undertakings.

 Since its establishment in 1998, the ARC has built a rich bank of digital archives on Japanese cultural resources including cultural properties (classical books), art pieces (ukiyo-e prints, crafts), intangible culture (traditional arts), geographical space information (maps, regional statistics, topographical information), and other cultural resources (digital resources including video games, Japanese films, and television commercials) as a result of the Center's research and educational activities. In addition, the ARC is located in Kyoto, a world renowned cultural city, and has access to a wide range of social and people network related to a variety of cultural heritage found in the Kyoto basin; such network can also be considered as a vital research resource. Our goal is to provide such vast amount of digitized database to joint researchers in and outside of Japan, as well as making the digital archiving technology and know-how accumulated from research activities available to joint researchers and groups both within and outside Ritsumeikan University as a basis for joint research project activities. In doing so, we aim to promote further research and educational activities as we continue to support collaborative / interlinking joint research projects.

The archives of saved and collected digital data is available to the public on the internet. Anyone can freely access the database to search and view the digitized content.

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What are Digital Archives?

The Digital Archives are to save and collect digital data of all kinds of intellectual properties that can be continuously passed on to future generations.

At the ARC, we aim to save and collect (digitally archive) cultural and artistic properties as digital data, as well as to make these available to public access on the internet to facilitate the sharing of such database as intellectual assets common to humankind.
We also aim to use our Digital Archives to create new dimensions for collaborative creations oriented toward creating next-generation cultures.