April Bunraku Performance

Day performance:
Ceremonial Sambaso act
Yoshitsune senbonzakura (Continuous performance of one play)
1st act: The Horikawa Gosho scene
2nd act: The Fushimi Inari scene, the Tokaiya and Taimotsu-ga-ura scenes
Evening performance:
3rd act: The scene by the pasania tree, The killing of Kokingo scene, The sushiya scene
4 the act: The michiyuki scene-the journey of Hatsune, Scene at Kawatsura Hogen`s residence

Date and TimeApr 4 (Sat)-26(Sun) [Holiday on apr 15]
Day performance: 11 am
Evening Performance: 4 pm
PlaceNational Bunraku Theatre
Fee1st class: 5.800 yen, Students: 4.100 yen 2nd class (general and students): 2.300 yen 20% reduction for the disabled (only 1st class)