About us

「Collaborative research project,"Constructing the Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Portal"」

This site is addressed to those wanting to gain a greater understanding of Japan, and in particular to those of you who want to experience Kyoto.

It is also aimed at those of you visting from abroad, and for those who haven't yet personally experienced the value of Japan, but would like to. To that extent, this site will offer updates and information about ongoing theatre and the performing arts of Japan as they come to take place. Japan's traditional performing arts extend from the well-known Noh, Kyogen, Rakugo, Court Music, and to the kind of performances that took place at seasonal festivals, comic Manzai and the like.

It is expected that the site can be put to a number of uses, and these will include broadening and deepening the understanding of Japan's culture and it's traditional performing arts.

December 25, 2006.
Ryo Akama,
Coordinator of the Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Portal Project
The Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University.