January 23, 2012

The "Gendai-ni Tsutawaru Hangi" Exhibition

 The “Gendai-ni Tsutawaru Hangi” (printing blocks from past to present) Exhibition

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 In order to share information on hangi (printing blocks) as part of the joint research by the Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures under the MEXT Global COE Program (Ritsumeikan University) Japanese Culture Research Group and Professor Kazuaki Nagai from the Faculty of Letters at Nara University, we have been building a digital archive of about 5,000 hangi kept at Nara University and made the archive available for access. In addition, these hangi were exhibited at the “Kinsei Hangi” (printing blocks of the modern period) exhibition (February to March 2009), and we have continued questioning what hangi are and what we can find out from hangi.  

The current exhibition is the sequel of the “Kinsei Hangi” exhibition. By continuing the questioning from the last exhibition, the exhibition will showcase an expanded number of collections researched by the Japanese Culture Research Group. While many hangi have been lost over the years until today, many others that can contribute to the study of Japanese culture in terms of quality and quantity have also been preserved until today through the efforts by the many involved in the preservation of hangi. It is our sincere hope that hangi as a research material can become exposed so that more people can learn about existing hangi through this exhibition.   

In addition, this exhibition will also showcase the hangi once collected by surishi (woodblock printer) Shinjiro Takahashi and which have become part of the Art Research Center collection this year.



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Monday, January 23 to Friday, February 10, 2012

*Closed on weekends and public holidays, except scheduled opening on Saturday, February 4 and Sunday February 5.

9:30 to 17:00   

Place 1F, Exhibition Room, Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University  
Admission Free 
Sponsored by

MEXT Global COE Program “Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures” (Ritsumeikan University), Art Research Center (Ritsumeikan University) 

Planned by

MEXT Global COE Program “Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures” (Ritsumeikan University) – Japanese culture Research Group / Person in charge: Taka’aki Kaneko (Japanese Culture Research Group PD)   

Cosponsored by

Unsodo Corporation, Mr. Kazufumi Takahashi, Chikuhoshoro bookshop, Professor Kazuaki Nagai (Faculty of Letters, Nara University), Nara University Museum, Fuji’i Bunseido bookshop, Hozokan, Mr. Haruo Yagi (Yagihyo Shoten), Professor Hiromichi Yoshimura (College of Letters, Ritsumeikan University) 

Related events:
Hangi Research Workshop
Location: Multi-purpose Room at the Art Research Center 
No application required / free participation 

Workshop Program
Sat., February 4
Hangi wa kataru, hagi wo kataru (Hangi speaks and speaking about hangi)
14:00-14:05 Opening greetings by Prof. Ryo Akama (Head of ARC)
14:05-15:20 Hangi wa kataru: sono yukue (Hangi speaks: the future of hangi)
Lecturer: Prof. Kazuaki Nagai (
Faculty of Letters, Nara University)
15:20-15:30 Break
15:30-17:30 Hangi wo kataru: hangi ni matsuwaru kioku (Speaking about hangi: memories of hangi)
Lecturer: Mr. Shichibei Nishimura (Hozokan)
Lecturer: Mr. Sahee Yamashiroya (Fujii Bunseido) 
Sun., February 5
Wahon (traditional Japanese bound books) Entertainment: Re-examining the attractions of wabon
10:00 Chair: Prof. Ryo Akama
10:05-11:00 (Lecture)
Wahon Literacy
11:10-12:00 (Lecture)
Wahon kara miru wahon kenkyu no juyosei (The importance of wahon research seen from wahon)
Konosuke Hashiguchi
12:00-12:30 Hangi wo ishiki-shite hangi wo miru - tsuki/wahon degitaru aakaibu no shokai (Paying attention to hangi and looking at hangi: appendix/introduction of the wahon digital archive)
Taka'aki Kaneko
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:10 Gallery Talk
14:20-14:50 (Panel)
Eirihon no miryoku - hanpon no tokusei (The attractions of eirihon: features of hanpon)
Gen Takagi
14:50-15:20 (Panel) 
Inoue Jihei no shigoto (Inoue Jihei's work)
Toshiyuki Suzuki
15:30-16:00 (Panel)
Hanpon no daimei/kansu to meisu (Hanpon titles, number of voluems and titles)
Chisako Hirose
16:00-16:30 (Panel)
The wahon digital archive and international wahon literacy
Ryo Akama
16:40-17:30 Discussions
17:40 End of workshop (scheduled)




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