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Special Exhibition Byobu Matsuri (Folding Screen Festival)
July 16, 2021(Fri)

A special exhibition of the Byobu Matsuri (Folding Screen Festival) will be held at the Nagae Family Residence, Kyoto.

[Phase I] July 10 (Sat) and July 11 (Sun), 2021

[Phase II] July 14 (Wed), 15 (Thu), and 16 (Fri), 2021.

A traditional custom of the annual Gion Festival, several folding screens will be showcased this year under the theme of play.

As part of an industry-academia collaboration, students from the College of Letters, Ritsumeikan University will display the Nagae family's family crest book and old photographs, and there will also be an exhibition on Koun Yamada, a painter from Kyoto who is related to the Nagae family.

(Note: Photography is not allowed)

*In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the number of visitors will be limited. Advance reservations are required. We are looking forward to your reservation!


[Phase 1] July 10 (Sat) and July 11 (Sun)

Time slots: (1) 10:00 - (2) 11:00 - (3) 12:00 - (4) 13:00 - (5) 14:00 - (6) 15:00

[Phase 2] July 14 (Wed), 15 (Thu), 16 (Fri)

Time slots: (1) 16:00 - (2) 17:00 - (3) 18:00 - (4) 19:00

Capacity: 5 pairs per session (maximum 10 people); advance reservation is required.

Fee: 1,000 yen per person.

*Payments are accepted in cash, by IC card or credit card.

Organizer: Hoosiers Corporation

Co-organizer: Art Research Center (ARC), Ritsumeikan University

Exhibition Planning: Department of Kyoto Studies, College of Letters, Ritsumeikan University

How to apply for advance reservation (accepted via e-mail):

Please send an e-mail with the information below to

1. Preferred date and time

2. Name, address, and telephone number

3. Number of participants

*The maximum number of participants for each session is 5 pairs (maximum 10 people).

For inquiries and applications, please contact


Phone: 075-353-7512 (weekdays only)

Fax: 075-353-7513

Nagae Family Residence website.