Traditional Kamigata Scenic Arts Night for the Uninitiated - New Year's Eve Special Performance -

Date and Time

Dec 31 (Sat)


Yamamoto Nohgakudo


S Area (1st Floor Front row seats facing the stage・Chairs) 4.500 yen
A Area (1st Floor Seats facing the stage・Cushions) 5.500 yen
B Area (1st Floor Side seats・2nd Floor) 4.500 yen
(Green Tea and okowa-rice with red beans will be provided)

Kamigata dance
Performed by Yamamura Waka

Kodan stories
Narrated by Kyokudo Nansei

Onna Doraku (comic monologue accompanied by shamisen)
Performed by Utsumi Eika

Rakugo: (To be decided on the day)
Performed by Katsura Kichibo

Sujoruri (Bunraku chanting without puppets): Honcho Niju Shiko (Twenty-Four Paragons of Filial Piety in Japan - The Fox Fire Scene)
Chanter: Toyotake Hanafusa
Shamisen players: Takezawa Sosuke, Tsuruzawa Seishiro

Noh: Okina
Performed by Yamamoto Akihiro

Yamamoto Nohgakudo 06-6943-9454

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