Osaka Night Enjoyment (Osaka Yaraku) Campaign-Traditional Performance Arts

Performance contents: 7:35 Rakugo 7:55 Bunraku (Hadesugata onna maiginu-Osono no sawari [Osono`s plight]) 20:10: Personal experience corner 22nd (Kyogen), 23rd (Noh), 24th (Bunraku) 8:30: Kyogen (Bonsan) 20:50: Noh (Shakkyo)
Date and TimeMar 22 (Thu), 23 (Fri), 24 (Sat) from 7:30 pm-9:10 pm
PlaceYamamoto Nohgakudo
Fee3.500 yen (4.000 yen on the day)

Entrance Fee
Presale 3.500 yen, 4.000 yen on the day
Fee includes serving of okowa and ochazuke

This is a special event during which you are able to enjoy four different traditional performance arts on the same evening.
The Presenter is a skilled rakugo entertainer who also knows how to reach out to beginners.
Before the performance there will be servings of okowa rice and ochazuke as well as Japanese cakes.
The venue is designated as cultural heritage property and all seats are very close to the stage, wherefore the live experience is intensified by the construction of the hall.

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