April's Bunraku Performance

Date and Time

Apr 3~25 (Sun)
Midday Session: 11:00~
Evening Session: 16:00~


The National Bunraku Theater, Osaka


First Class Seats: General 5.800 yen・Students 4.100 yen
Second Class Seats: 2.300 yen
One Day Pass (First Class seats only) 9.800 yen
20% Reduction for the disabled (only 1st class)

Full Lenght Imose-yama Onna Teikiin (Mt. Imo and Mt. Se: An Exemplary Tale of Womanly Virtue)

First Part(Midday Session 11:00~)
Initial Act - The Komatsubara plain・Emiji's palace Scenes
Second Act - The Sarusawa pond Scene
Third Act - The handing of flowers at Dazai's palace・Mts.Imo and Se Scenes

Second Part(Evening Session 16:00~)
Second Act - The Killing of a Deer・掛乞の段・Manzai Dance・Sukeroku's Loyalty Scenes.
Fourth Act - The Sugi Sake Shop・The Spool of Love Michiyuki・Messenger Fukashichi・The Princess Return・The Palace Scenes

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