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ISSN 2436-5408 (Online)
ISSN 1346-2601 (Print)

紀要「ART RESEARCH」vol.22-1 (issued on November 8, 2021)
Research Paper

How Had Ukiyo-e Depicted Yokai? : The historical development of Ukiyo-e prints featuring Yokai.(別ウィンドウ)
Ryo Akama

Research Note

Class practice of Japanese classic at a college of technology (KOSEN): Think about the fusion of Japanese classic and science through the experience of the online education system for transcribing pre-modern Japanese cursive characters(別ウィンドウ)
Midori Ogita

International ARC Seminar Report

The History and Future of the Society of Photographic Techniques for Cultural Properties(別ウィンドウ)
Tadao Inoue

Current situations and issues of digital archives(別ウィンドウ)
Yukihiro Fukusima

International ARC Seminar Review

Efforts to Utilize Video Game and Related Materials as Cultural Resources - As an Example of Activities of Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies and the Strong National Museum of Play (別ウィンドウ)
Reviewer: Hitomi Mohri

  Kazufumi FUKADA「Description of Game Resources Using Linked Data 」(June 30th, 2021)
  Takashi OBANA「The Essential Problem for the Archiving of "Game Music"」(June 30th, 2021)
  Jon-Paul DYSON「Video Game Preservation and Exhibition During COVID-19 at The Strong National Museum of Play」(July 7th, 2021)

International ARC Seminar Report -- About the lecture on "ResearchSpace" at the British Museum and its trial(別ウィンドウ)
Reviewer: Mitsuhiro Tsuda

  Dominic Oldman「The Problem of Distance in Digital Art History: Using the ResearchSpace Knowledge system to capture research methods and thinking」(April 28th, 2021)

Linkage of management resources and services related to museum management ――Report of presentation by Mr. Yoshiyuki Senkai, Director of Itsuo Museum(別ウィンドウ)
Reviewer: Yuji Miyata

  Yoshiyuki SENKAI「Museum management: Providing services by utilizing resources」(June 2nd, 2021)

Maritime Asia Heritage Survey A Database of Maritime Networks in Asia(別ウィンドウ)
Reviewer: Fadjar I. Thufail

  R. Michael Feener「"Muslim Material Cultures of Maritime Asia" 」(April 14th, 2021)

Introduction to Research

Acoustic digital archives and high-realistic sound synthesis for Gion festival music --Toward the tradition support and sound field reproduction(別ウィンドウ)
Reviewer: Takanobu Nishiura

Introduction to a Collection

On the Takaya Shin Playbill Collection : Theatrical Materials from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Periods(別ウィンドウ)
Shiori Totsuka

Technical Support Newsletter

Developing an API that can generate machine-readable data from ARC portal databases(別ウィンドウ)
Biligsaikhan Batjargal, Mitsuhiro Tsuda, Masanori Yamaji, Takaaki Kaneko