September 9, 2011

Invitation for proposals for the Developing Research Assistance Program for 2011

 The Art Research Center (ARC) of Ritsumeikan University was established to conduct research and analyses on tangible and intangible cultural creations centering on art, performing arts, technologies, and technical and artistic techniques, while using digital technology to record, organize, preserve and transmit the data, in order to the cultures of man can be passed on to future generations.   

 Based on the comprehensive research strength in humanities, social sciences and informatics accumulated thus far, we are pursuing to further and heighten this strength through furthering our research activities and developing new projects. To achieve this, we are inviting proposals for research projects for the developing research assistance program.  

1. Eligible research topics

1. Preservation and utilization of art and culture using digital technology

2. Development of methods for supporting artistic/cultural creation activities

3. Development, education and diffusion of educational programs, etc. for the sharing and enjoyment of culture and art   

4. Digital art and culture archives

5. Creation and transmission (communication/broadcasting) of art and culture data  

The above are examples that do not hinder applications that meet the purpose of other ARC activities.


2. Eligibility  

Full-time teaching staff of Ritsumeikan University

*Individual or group (includes teachers on a fixed term) acting as the research representative. *Professor, associate professor, special contract teaching staff (professor/associate professor), special invited teaching staff (teachers on duty only) or tenured teaching staff (professor/associate professor/lecturer)


3. Number of proposals and amount of grant

Several, up to 2 million yen per proposal.


4. Research period

The research period for the project is 1 year (extendable to up to 3 years based on annual screening) and financed annually.


5. Research expenses

This program is eligible for the special ordinary expense subsidies for private universities “research facility operation support” (matching fund, subsidy 1/2 of the entire amount of research expenses).

*The subsidy was 1/2 of the entire amount of research expenses for year 2011, but undetermined for year 2012 and later. 15% of research activity expenses is deducted as common expenses for use as expenses for the operation and reporting of results for joint projects at the ARC or for the overall promotion of ARC researches


6. Deadline for submission

Fill out the project research plan (see separate document for instructions) and submit it by e-mail to the address for inquiries (below) by 17:00, Friday, September 9.


7. Screening

The Art Research Center Management Committee will screen the research plan and other documents to determine whether to grant the subsidy. The outcome of the screening will be sent to the research project representative by e-mail around the end of September.



Instructions on filling out the research plan (18.9KB)

Research Project Plan (88KB) 

pdf.jpgApplication Guidelines (15.4KB)

pdf.jpgInstructions on filling out the research plan (18.9KB)

word.jpgResearch Project Plan (88KB)


Art Research Center Office, Ritsumeikan University Research Office (Kinugasa Campus)

Person in charge: Yoshimoto (K.), Sugaya

TEL075-465-8206ext. 511-2637 FAX075-465-8342

E-mailkaken3■ *(change ■ to @)


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