September 22, 2011

We are inviting papers for the 12th issue of Art Research Journal


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 The Art Research Center at Ritusmeikan University plans to publish its 12th issue of the Art Research Journal at the end of February 2012. As an academic journal specializing in art culture, the journal aims at publishing the results of various research projects at the Art Research Center and receives many papers every year.

 Since its establishment in 1998, the Art Research Center has been provided several governmental grants as a research center excelling in culture, art and informatics, and currently selected as a center of the Global COE program, continuously making efforts to further its research work. In addition, the center is also highly regarded as a forefront center in digital archives of art culture.

 We look forward to seeing many papers on research results that meet the research content mentioned above. 

Name of Journal

Art Research Journal, Vol. 12



A4, 2-column text framing (both horizontal and vertical styles) 


Date of Publication    

End of February 2012 (scheduled date) 



Articles, research notes (research report, introduction of research materials, technical notes, etc.) and other writings on culture, art and informatics. Particularly writings on topics of research projects related to the Art Research Center. 

Publication Schedule    

Thursday, September 22, 2011  Author registration deadline  (deadline must be observed)   
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Notification to authors on the results of the registration screening.
Friday, November 11, 2011 

Manuscript deadline (deadline must be observed)  

*The editorial committee will determine whether a manuscript is to be published, after it is reviewed by two reviewers.
End of February, 2012 Publication (scheduled)

How to apply for author registration    

To submit a manuscript to the journal all authors must first be registered. If you are interested in submitting your article, please send the required information to the e-mail address below by the deadline. After the editorial committee screens your application for registration, we will inform you of the outcome.     

Required information:  [1] Name (and name in Japanese kana) [2] Affiliation [3Job position [4] Address where corrected manuscript is to be sent to  [5] Telephone number [6] E-mail address [7] Type of manuscript (article, research notes)  [8] Title (tentative title also acceptable)  [9] Abstract (about 200 Japanese characters)  
Send application to:  jinsh-12■ (person in charge: Ishimura) *Change ■ to @ before sending the e-mail *Use “9/22 author registration application” as the subject. 

24:00, Thursday, September 22, 2011 (deadline must be observed)

*Applications received past the dealine will not be accepted.

*If you have any problem applying by e-mail, please contact the Art Research Center Office before.

* Please consult the Art Research Center if you wish to submit manuscripts other than articles and research notes.

*Personal information received as part of the application will only be used for the editing of the Art Research Journal.


Guide to writing

pdf.jpgGuide to writing  (PDF: 108.3KB


Other notes

If you would like copies of past issues of the journal, please contact the center for information. Postage will be incurred if you wish to have past issues mailed to you by post.



Art Research Center Office (persons in charge: Ishimura, Miura)

TEL](ext. 511-2931

FAX](ext. 511-2935

E- mailarc-jimu■  *change ■ to @ before sending the e-mail *Use “Inquiry about journal” as the subject.



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