May 23, 2011

List of Research Projects in 2011

 List of Research Projects in 2011 (26 projects)


pdf.jpg links to the project plan
Kyoto Culture Group
Project NamePDFProject Leader
Behavior and observations of Heian aristocrats:trial use of historical archivepdf.jpgTakao Sugihashi 
Ethno-archeological Research on Kyoto Craftspdf.jpgMasa'aki Kidachi
Film culture in modern Kyoto and related archivespdf.jpgMika Tomita
Comprehensive archive of folding screens diagrams in an around Kyoto and transitions in urban customspdf.jpgMasao Kawashima
Ikuyo Matsumoto
Japan Culture Group
Project NamePDFProject Leader
Database of Japanese literature in East Asia and Southeast Asiapdf.jpgKazuaki Kimura
Comparative archeology based on digital archivespdf.jpgSeigo Wada
Archiving classic theatrical datapdf.jpgRyo Akama
Research on Japanese woodblock prints and printed bookspdf.jpgRyo Akama
Research on Japanese arts and crafts using DH methodspdf.jpgRyo Akama
Research on Japaneseliterature and artpdf.jpgJohn Carpenter
Digital restoration of historical tangible cultural properties related to intangible cultual propertiespdf.jpgKohei Furukawa
Historical GIS
Project NamePDFProject Leader
Development of Virtual Kyotopdf.jpgKeiji Yano
(Tomoki Nakaya, Tatsunori Kawasumi, Akihiro Kinda, Satoshi Tanaka) 
Automatic generation of Kyoto streetspdf.jpgSatoshi Tanaka
Digital Archiving Technology Group
Project NamePDFProject Leader
Digital Archiving of Intangible Cultural Propertiespdf.jpgKozaburo Hachimura
Document Image Analysis of Historical Books and Paintingspdf.jpgKozaburo Hachimura
Survey on research trends related to Digital Humanitiespdf.jpgKozaburo Hachimura
Visualization and Story Generation from Archived Datapdf.jpgRuck Thawonmas
Audio data processing for archiving digitized traditional music, such as Noh musicpdf.jpgYoichi Yamashita
Digital Libraries Research on Historical Documentspdf.jpgAkira Meda
3D modeling and visual/tactile presentation of tangible cultural propertiespdf.jpgHiromi Tanaka
Web Technology Group
Project NamePDFProject Leader
Research on the basic system for cooperative archive buildingpdf.jpgMitsuyuki Inaba
Research on e-learning system based on cultural and historical contentspdf.jpgMitsuyuki Inaba
Verificational research on the transimission of research and the construction of a research education environment within the 3D metaverse pdf.jpgKoichi Hosoi
Research on video games as an 'act of play' pdf.jpgMasayuki Uemura
Comprehensive research on the game status database building and utilizationpdf.jpgMasayuki Uemura
Research on the preservation and utilization of digital gamespdf.jpgAkinori Nakamura





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