June 25, 2010

Healing and Divination Workshop

Related to the exhibition of the same name that started on June 6, we are going to hold “Healing and Divination Workshop,” as follows.

【Date】 June 25 (Friday) and 26 (Saturday), 2010
【Place】 Multipurpose Room, Art Research Center, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University
Admission Free. No reservation necessary. The workshop will be conducted mainly in English.
【Sponsored by】
- Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Global COE (Center of Excellent) Program Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures, Ritsumeikan University;
- Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University; and
- SOAS, University of London: PMI2・Research Program “Healing and Divination in Japan”

【Planned by】
- Matsumoto Lab, Kyoto Research Group; and
- Dr. Lucia Dolce, Senior Lecturer, SOAS, University of London, and Leader of the Research Program “Healing and Divination in Japan”

For more details about the workshop program and presenters, please refer to “Read more.” Please note that the program and presenters are subject to change without notice.


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Click here for the exhibition information.

Healing and Divination Workshop Program
Ritsumeikan University 25-26 June 2010

Day One (25 June 2010)

9:00 Registration & Morning Coffee

Morning Session:

10:00 Visit of the Exhibition Healing and Divination: The Religion of the Medieval Japanese

11:00 Masao Kawashima (Ritsumeikan University): ‘Manuscripts on healing and divination in the Fujii Eikan Archive’

  12:00 -13:00  Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:

13:00 Ryo Akama (Ritsumeikan University): Opening Remarks
 'Omens in the World of Theatre'

Panel 1: Professional Healers: the Onmyodo Tradition

14:00 Giorgio Premoselli (Bukkyô University): ‘Divination and ceremonies for the healing of diseases in mid-Heian Onmyôdô’.
14:30 Benedetta Lomi (SOAS): ‘Striking dolls and casting spells: Onmyô exorcism in the Six Syllable Sutra ritual’.
15:00 Jane Alaszewski (SOAS/Bukkyô University): ‘Illness on an island without doctors: Ritual approaches to healing on Aogashima’.

Questions and discussion

 16:00  Coffee Break

Panel 2: Esoteric Practices

16:30  Kigen-San Licha (SOAS): ‘Ghosts and foetuses: Divination and communal healing in Soto Zen kirigami’.
17:00  Elizabeth Tinsley (Ôtani University): ‘Oracles, lineage formation and monastic education at medieval Koya-san’.

Questions and discussion

 19:00 Dinner


Day Two (26 June 2010)

9:00 Morning Coffee

Morning Session:

Panel 1: Healing Functions of Popular Religious Practices

  9:30 Ikuyo Matsumoto (Ritsumeikan University): ‘Praying on the riverside: the devotional pagodas along the Kamogawa’.
10:00 Marco Gottardo (Tamagawa University): ‘Magic words and holy waters: popular divine medicine in the cult of Mt. Fuji’.

Questions and discussion

 11:00 Coffee Break

Panel 2: Shamanic Healers  

11:30 Naoko Kobayashi (Keio University): ‘Healing and divination during the Ontake Oza'
12:00 Andrea Castiglioni (Columbia University): ‘Sacred poems and celestial foxes: Healing rituals in the Echigo Shugen tradition’.

Questions and discussion

 13:00 -14:30 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:

14:30 Tullio Lobetti (SOAS): ‘Magical healing and divination in late medieval Europe in comparative perspective’.

15:00 Round Table: Reconsidering Healing Practices in Japanese Religion.
Chairs: Lucia Dolce (SOAS) and Ikuyo Matsumoto  (Ritsumeikan University)

17:30 Closing



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