May 1, 2009

GCOE Seminar in May, 2009

■Vol.50 : May 26 (Tue.), 2009 ※ This Lecture has been called off.

1.Xin Yin (PD / Digital Archiving Technology)
"Restoring 3D Digital Woodcut Shape for Reproducing Ancient Book"

2.Toledo Nolasco Alejandro (RAⅠ / Digital Archiving Technology / D1, Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
"Interactive Visual Analysis of Personal Names in Japanese Historical Diary"

3.Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn (PD / Digital Archiving Technology)
"Digital museums in Second Life"

■Vol.49 : May 19 (Tue.), 2009
1.Chise Saito (RAⅠ / Japanese Culture / D1, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University)
"A Report on the Italian Government’s Policy toward Digitizing Cultural Properties, and on the Current Conditions and Future Possibilities of Systematizing Japanese Art Collections in Italy"

2.Kiyofumi Kusui (PD / Japanese Culture)
"Construction and Problems about a Database of the Gaichi (Foreign Lands) Japanese Literature"

3.Shinya Maezaki (PD / Japanese Culture)
"Matsubayashi Tsurunosuke and St Ives: Creating a Digital Database of Historical Materials on Japanese Ceramics"

4.Takaaki Okamoto (PD / Japanese Culture)
"Digital Archiving for Yuzen Designs"

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■Vol.48 : May 12 (Tue.), 2009
1.liset turino (El Colegio de Mexico Master in Asia and Africa Studies)
"Sinners in the crossroad: parody and the subversion of authority in the oni kyōgen"

2.Hiroyuki Sekiguchi (Visiting Associate Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization / Digital Archiving technology)
  Takaaki Okamoto (PD / Japanese Culture)
"Participation Report in the 2009 Tokyo Workshop on Digital Humanities"

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TIME : 18:00~19:30
PLACE : 【Kinugasa campus(KIC), Ritsumeikan University】 Art Research Center
【Biwako Kusatsu campus(BKC), Ritsumeikan University】 The Internet (Power Live)

※Participation through the Internet (PowerLive) is available. If you wish to do so, please contact Nishikawa at: nyoshi■ (please replace ■ with @).

※ Handouts will be available from the afternoon of the day of the seminar at the following website (for a limited time only). (※ Japanese only)