September 2, 2008

Tetsuo Mizuta


Tetsuo Mizuta (Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Innovation Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University)

Professional career: Engineer, Research Assistant and Postdoctoral Fellow

Present research themes: Loss estimations of earthquake and flood by economic measures, and risk analysis


2008 "Historical City's Risk Mitigation and Making Disaster Prevention Policy with Residents’ and Tourists' Participation (in Japanese)" in Disaster Prevention Studies of Cultural Heritage: The Introduction Volume.
2008 "An Earthquake Risk Assessment from The Viewpoint of Economics by Analysing Macro Data in Kyoto" in Eastern Regional Organization for Planning & Human-Settlements.
2007 "An Estimation Study for Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism and Related Industries in Kyoto City after a Large-scale Earthquake (in Japanese)" in Rekishi Toshi Bousai Ronbunshu [Proceedings of Urban Cultural Heritage Disaster Mitigation], Vol.1.