September 4, 2008

Tetsuo Mizuta (Day 2, Reports on Research Results by Young Researchers, Participants of the International Training Program)

Tetsuo Mizuta (Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Innovation Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University)

World Heritage Site Ayutthaya's Flood Loss Estimation as Risk Management, and Lectures as a Feedback of Research Activities

From June 30th to September 27th of 2008, I was sent to Thammasat University, Thailand from the Research Center for Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage (DMUCH) of Ritsumeikan University. In the first one month, I researched past and present flood damages and flood control plans in Thailand, and also worked as an organizer for a young researchers' workshop. In July and September, I lectured three times at Thammasat University and Chiang Mai University. My lectures' titles are "Japanese City Planning and Urban Planning" and "Japanese Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Plans and its Practices". These are based on my research activities. In August and September, I researched Ayutthaya's value by using questionnaires and the Travel Cost Method. In this research, I tried to reveal residents' and tourists' awareness and preparedness for floods at Ayutthaya.