September 4, 2008

Shin Ōno (Day 2, Reports on Research Results by Young Researchers, Participants of the International Training Program)

Shin Ōno (Ph.D. candidate, Graduate School of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University; Research Assistant)

Research of visualized environment for historical events

Our center puts tremendous effort to archive historical events and items as digital data. The work itself is important for saving our culture and history. However, we are still struggling how to open and use the archived data. I believe that such contents can be useful for education. Visualizing such contents can support both researchers and learners. Researchers can analyses new relation, coocurrence and difference of historical events and items. Learners can acquire curiosity of the events and motivate them to learn more.
 In my research, I am developing the visualized environment for historical events, and in the session, I will demonstrate the system.