September 2, 2008

Sarah E. Thompson


Sarah E. Thompson (Assistant Curator for Japanese Prints, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Received the A.B. from Harvard University and the PhD. from Columbia University.  She taught Japanese and Asian art history at Vassar College, Oberlin College, and the University of Oregon and curated several exhibitions of Japanese prints (most notably “Undercurrents in the Floating World: Censorship and Japanese Prints” at the Asia Society in New York in 1991) before coming to the MFA in 2004.  She is now supervising the Japanese Print Access and Documentation Project (JPADP), whose ultimate goal is to photograph and catalogue all 50,000 Japanese prints in the MFA collection.


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Joint message by Sarah E. Thompson and Abraham Schroeder:
 We are very happy to participate in this groundbreaking conference. We look forward to comparing our experiences with those of colleagues from around the world, as all of us explore the application of new technologies to problems that (as in our case) may have been difficult or impossible to solve until very recently.