September 4, 2008

Richard C. Beacham (Day 1, Part 2)

Richard C. Beacham (Professor of Digital Culture, King’s College London)
The Future of the Past: New Developments in Computer Based Cultural Heritage Research
This presentation will consider some recent work undertaken by the King’s Visualisation Lab and its international partners creating virtual objects and architecture embodying and enabling cultural heritage research. These projects also undertake new pedagogical explorations of real time multi-user online environments, and in particular the Second Life Virtual World. Current work in progress includes “Theatron 3”, the building and decoration of some 25 major historical theatres, together with relevant scenery, costumes and performance activities. Other KVL led projects focus on the first scientific survey and publication of the “Roman Villa of Oplontis”, near Pompeii (which will be realised both in a highly detailed 3D model, and a Second Life version), and work on the “Theatres at Pompeii” – including the depiction of virtual performance -- arising from our collaborative archaeological investigations with the University of Melbourne.