September 2, 2008

Masao Kawashima

kawashima.jpg Masao Kawashima (Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University)


Ph.D., Cultural history of the Japanese society in the medieval and early modern periods.


As the Director of the Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures and the Leader of Kyoto Culture Group, I am conducting various research and educational projects. Among them, there is the project on “A Comprehensive Archive of the Rakuchu-rakugai-zu screen paintings and Changes in Urban Culture Depicted,” which promotes digital archiving of not only these screen paintings but also other genre paintings in the medieval and early modern periods.

Selected Publications:
M. Kawashima, (2008) On Muromachi Culture (in Japanese). Tokyo: Hosei University Press.
M. Kawashima, (1999) A Social History Appeared in “Rakuchu-rakugai” Kyoto: Shibunkaku.
M. Kawashima and H. Ozawa, (1994) An Illustrated Analysis of Uesugi-version Rakuchu-rakugai-zu (in Japanese). Tokyo: Kawaide-shobo Shinsha.
M. Kawashima, (1992) Surroundings of Medieval Kyoto Culture (in Japanese). Kyoto: Shibunkaku.

My message is:
I am very much pleased to welcome distinguished scholars in various fields of digital humanities from universities and museums in and outside of Japan. I sincerely hope that all the people who are interested in digital humanities and Japanese cultural studies under globalization, including myself, will benefit from this wonderful occasion.