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MADE IN KYOTO_cover.jpg

Edited by Shinya Maezaki and Masako Yamamoto

220 x182mm・160pages

ISBN 978-4-7946-0626-6

Published by IBC Publishing, July 3, 2020

3,500 Yen (+ tax)

The book "MADE IN KYOTO", edited by the ARC's Visiting Collaborative Researchers Shinya Maezaki (Associate Professor, Kyoto Women's University) and Masako Yamamoto (Part-time Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University), has been published.

Kyoto is home to renowned traditional handicrafts such as Kyoto ware and Nishijin-ori textile, as well as many tools and decorations used in traditional events at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples such as the Gion Festival, by geishas on an everyday basis, or as part of the tea ceremony or flower arrangement. All of these are made at hundreds of workshops which are located in quiet residential streets or even at the end of narrow alleyways across Kyoto. Despite their existence, it is not easy to witness their work in progress firsthand and even residents of Kyoto may not know where and how they are created and where they can be purchased.

This book beautifully presents all the elements that make up superlative crafts with colorful photographs in Japanese and English - where and how they are made, the people who made them, and the materials and tools used to make them. The book also contains illustrations from Shui miyakomeishozu (拾遺都名所図会) and Miyakomeishozu (都名所図会) (in the ARC collection) which give us a glimpse of how the traditional handicrafts were a part of everyday life in Kyoto during the Edo period. While many things are lost and change forms in our ever-changing society, this book tells us that the search for "beauty" in Kyoto's traditional handicrafts will continue to live on.

The book contains the outcomes from the following research projects: "日本工芸における作品・工程のデジタル・アーカイブ" at the ARC, Ritsumeikan University, FY 2018 "学長採択型課題解決プロジェクト" at Kyoto Women's University, "京都工芸アーカイブ" at Archival Research Center, Kyoto City University of Arts.

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November 17, 2014(Mon)


前﨑信也 編

四六判・352頁  978-4-86366-886-7 宮帯出版社
定価 4,860円(税込)

本書は、大正8年松林によってまとめられた調査旅行記『九州地方陶業見学記 全』(朝日焼松林家蔵)の翻刻に解説を加えたものである。調査先は大分県を除く九州五県に点在する40余の陶磁業者で、有田の香蘭社、深川製磁、辻製磁社、松尾工場など、高級陶磁器から衛生陶器工場まであらゆる製磁業者が対象となっている。他にも高取焼、唐津焼、高田焼、大川内焼、三川内焼、薩摩焼など、かつて御用窯として栄えた陶家・陶業地の大正期の経営や技術の様子が詳細に描写され、近代九州窯業史を知る貴重な史料となっている。


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November 17, 2014(Mon)


A5判 324頁 2013.02 978-4-8318-6223-5 法蔵館 税込8,100円


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